Parga Tourist Places to Visit in Parga, Greece, Europe

Parga Tourist Places to Visit in Parga, Greece, Europe

Parga is located at the northwest part of Preveza region in Greece is a town and municipality. Parga spans an area of 276.5 square kilometers (107 square miles) and situated at highest elevation of 910 meters (2986 feet) above the sea level and surrounded by green mountains, ocean and breathtaking valleys and renowned for its beaches and historical places. Parga economy depends on fishing, tourism and commerce industry and surrounded by Pedika, Sivota, Louros, Kanali, Preveza, Thesprotiko, Fillippiada, Arta, Kompoti and Paramythia. Parga is situated at the distance of 405 kilometers from Athens, capital of Greece and coordinates are 39.2833° N, 20.4000° E.


History of Parga:

Parga was settled by Greek tribes and was recognized as Hypargos during 13th century and constructed the castle above the mount. Venetians ruled the region from several years and later the fall of venetians in the region it was taken over by Ottoman and later fell into the hands of French rule. Treaty was signed between Britain and Ottoman Empire in the year 1817.


Must see in Parga:

Lichnos Beach:

Lichnos Beach is situated at the distance of 20 kilometers from center of the city is most charming and stunning beach of Parga and surrounded by abundance of landscapes, green mountains and beach has crystal clear water.


Krioneri Beach:

Krioneri Beach is the main beach in Parga town situated just few kilometers surrounded by breathtaking and picturesque small island of Virgin Mary which can be reached by swimming or by small boats or sea bike.


Valtos Beach:

Valtos Beach is situated at the position of 23 kilometers from center of the town is one of the longest beaches of Parga with stunning rock on which fort is constructed. Due to long distance beach thousands of tourist will gather here than any other beach in Parga.


Other Places to Visit in Parga:

  • Greek Fortress
  • Ali Pasha castle


Best time to visit Parga:

Summer is hot from June to September and has mild winter from November to March and faces Mediterranean climate and best time to visit Parga is from June to September.


Connectivity to Parga:

Nearest airport to Parga is Aktion National Airport situated at the distance of 48 kilometers in Aktio-Vonitsa region is one of the domestic airport in the country functions flight services to London, Amsterdam, Venice, Brno, Ostrava, Prague, Vienna, Manchester, Rome, Innsbruck, Stavanger and Bern and many other cities. Best way to reach Parga is through boat and roadways, it is well connected through national highways and buses will run from various parts of the country to Parga regularly and boats will operate on scheduled bases to Parga town from neighboring ports.


Accommodation in Parga:

Parga is situated between the gorges dales and hills astonishing landscapes present some of the optimum and stylish world class one star and four star hotels. Various amenities such as sauna, spa, flat TV with cable connection, 24 hour check in and out, etc are available in luxurious hotels at Parga for rent varying from $ 80 to $ 280 and above. There are also economy hotels with decent clean rooms at Parga costing rooms at $ 55 for single room and $ 70 for double room per day. List of hotels in Parga are as follows:

  • Villa Dorita
  • Filoxenia Sea & View
  • Filoxenia Studios
  • Kanali Village
  • Coralli Hotel
  • Hotel Acropol
  • Hotel Loukas & Apartments
  • Karvouno Villas
  • Palatino Hotel
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Petros Penthouse & Studios
  • Olympic Apartments
  • Mediterraneo Resort

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