Lankaran Tourist Places to Visit in Lankaran, Azerbaijan, Asia

Lankaran Tourist Places to Visit in Lankaran, Azerbaijan, Asia

Lankaran is a conurbation in Azerbaijan positioned on the shoreline of the Caspian Sea. The city was initially titled as “Langarkanan” which in the Persian lingo means “the place of pulling up the anchors”.  The favorable environmental setting, luxuriant earth and abundance of natural resources from prehistoric periods have appealed to the people here as to a place to reside in. Lankaran is the largest producer of vegetables, Tea, Citrus and Rice. The beaches in its vicinity are sandy and enjoyable. Thermal sulphide, sodium-calcium and chloride springs are sighted 12 km westwards of the city.


Attractions in Lankaran

Lankaran Fortress

Lankaran Fortress was built during the 18th century. It is one of the chief citadels in the city.  Initially the citadel projected a striking intuition with its high obelisk stone ramparts and gigantic field guns. The citadel was enveloped by deep watercourse to avoid any enemy intrusion. The citadel houses two trade centers one bid and another small. During the 20th century two sanctuaries were constructed on the ground of the citadel.


Khanega on the Pirsagat River

In the vicinity of Lankaran on the oldest course from Shamakhi to Iran lies Khanega which is seated on the basin of river Pirsagat. Khanega is a sect of Islamic ethnicity that has been concealed by the four-sided figure of buttresses with semi-lofts and ambiguity. Khanega is a multifaceted of edifices for ethnical reasons such as sanctuaries, burial chambers etc. Khanega placed on the river Pirsagat is a testimonial of the middle aged structural design renowned for its splendid embellishment of gyazha carvings, ceramic curios and stone etchings. The ground work was laid during the 12th and 14th centuries.


Pir Hussein Mosque and Mausoleum

The sanctuary and the close by catacomb with tower were constructed in the year 1256. The sanctuary was structured with granite blocks and enclosed with a rotund dome.

The course of diminutive dim channel connects the sanctuary to the sepulcher of Pir Hussein which is illuminated by a window cut in one of the ramparts. The ramparts of the catacomb, the memorial in its epicenter and the arch of the channel was sheltered with splendid terracotta facade work with the imagery of eight-beam stars.


Renowned people from Lankaran

  • Mikhail Pavlov
  • Jahan Talyshinskaya
  • Samedbey Mehmandarov


Best season to visit Lankaran

The summers are very warm and humid. During the winter season the climate tends to be cold and the temperature drops down. One can also experience downpour during the winter season.


Accessibility to Lankaran

By Road: Lankaran has very well connected road network. Ample of buses ply from the state capital Baku. One can take mini buses to get to this place. Taxis can be hired to get around the city.

By Train: The city gets stops from trains that pass through the station. Some of trains that provide stops are:

  • Baku – Gasakh
  • Baku – Agstafa

By Air: Lankaran International Airport gets flights from all over the globe. It gets direct flights from the state capital Baku.


Accommodations in Lankaran

One can find numerous deluxe hotels in this city. The hotel rooms are designed as per the luxury of the tourists and comprise of elegant eiderdown, LCD flat-screen TVs, dining room, cable television, mini-bar, room service and more. Recreational conveniences comprise of fitness facilities. Spa amenities include massage/treatment rooms, facials, body treatments, and beauty services, the machine area, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and swimming pool. All the requirements are met with affordable budget. Some of the hotels are listed below.

  • Qafqaz Sahil Hotel
  • Qızıl Tac Hotel
  • AB Qala Hotel
  • Khan Lankaran Hotel
  • Iceberg Hotel
  • Diplomat Baku
  • Astara Tourism Hotel
  • Hotel Vasli
  • Esatis Hotel
  • Lale Hotel
  • Kowsar hotel
  • Palidi Sahil
  • Amaras

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