Tourist Places to Visit in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Asia

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam which is the part of Ha Long city, Cam Pha Town and Van Don district in Vietnam. Ha Long Bay covers an area of 1,553 Sq Kms and consists of 1,950 to 2,000 islands and most of the islands are formed by limestone, more than 500 million years old. Ha Long Bay is home for very few populaces and few villages are located around the bay and it is a World Heritage Site.


Tourism in Ha Long Bay:

Ha Long Bay is most popular destination in Vietnam and thousands of tourists visit the Bay throughout the year, as the climate is pleasant throughout the year. Ha Long Bay is renowned for its breathtaking sites and green water of Gulf of Tonkin and believed that Ha Long Bay was created by great dragon from the mountains. Tourists visiting Vietnam must visit Ha Long Bay and mountains along the sea and stone islands and an island surrounding the bay makes the tourists go mesmerized.


Places to visit in Ha Long Bay:

Ban Sen Island:

This island is located in Ha Long Bay is bounded by forest area and uninhabited island and can be reached by ferries.


Dau Be Island:

This island is one of the popular islands in Ha Long Bay visited by number of tourists around the world and most of the tourists visit this island for swimming and diving.


Bo Hon Island:

This island is well-known for the Cave in Ha Long Bay and few shrines are also located in the island is visited by the number of tourists from around the world.


Other places to visit in Ha Long Bay:

  • Cat Ba Island
  • Quan Lạn Island
  • Van Don Island
  • Dau Go Island


Best Time to Visit Ha Long Bay:

Ha Long Bay is visited by the tourists throughout the year because of the geographical area and the best time to visit Ha long Bay is from March to June and from October to November.


How to Reach Ha Long Bay?

By Air:

There is no air connectivity to Ha Long Bay, from Ha Long City cruises will operate to Ha Long Bay and nearest airport to Ha Long City is Cat Bi Airport, located at 70 Kms from the Ha Long city and this airport serves domestic flights to Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang cities.


By Sea:

There are three major ports from where tourists can avail the cruise services to reach Ha Long Bay, Hai Pong, Halong and Cai Rong cities and tourists can avail the day cruise, Budget overnight Cruises, Luxury overnight Cruises, Wooden cruise, Halong Bay Cruises and various other cruises operates from mainland to Ha Long Bay.


Where to Stay in Ha Long Bay?

Ha Long Bay is World Heritage Site and famed tourist attractions in Vietnam but there are no proper accommodation facilities in Ha Long Bay, hotels are situated in Ha Long city, which cost from $ 30 to $ 200 and above per night and provides all world class amenities. Some of the hotels in Ha Long Bay are listed below:

  • Halong Plaza Hotel
  • Camela Hotel Resort
  • Harbour View Hotel
  • Royal Lotus Hotel Halong
  • Royal Villas
  • Seastars Hotel
  • Golden Lotus Cruise
  • Asean HaLong Hotel
  • Saigon Halong Hotel
  • Golden Halong Hotel
  • Novotel Ha Long Bay
  • Hidden Charm Hotel Best
  • Western Pearl River Hotel
  • Life Heritage Resort Ha Long Bay
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