Gudavi Bird Sanctuary – Gracious Hangout with Strange Birds, Shimoga

Gudavi Bird SanctuaryGracious Hangout with Strange Birds, Shimoga

If you are a person who love nature and wish to watch the activities birds in front of your eyes then visit Gudavi Bird Sanctuary that will fulfill all your wishes. You get to see variety of colorful species, the most astonishing sight. It is situated in Karnataka in Shimoga district that is easily accessible as it is well connected with all major cities. Spend your weekend with your family and friends in this exciting place.

Introduction and description

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is about 17 kms from the Banavasi main road away from the hustles of the city life. You can find many small villages and agricultural fields surrounding this sanctuary. It covers an area of about 74 hectares and one among the top 5 sanctuaries of Karnataka.


This sanctuary shelters more than 190 species of birds. It’s a place where birds from nowhere migrate to this place for breeding. In the months of June and November the sanctuary will be in high spirits. It a pleasure to watch those colorful birds upon the tall trees and some hop around in the lake that adds and extra beauty to this sanctuary. A special platform is made for you from where you can watch the beautiful scenery of the lush green and birds moving around here and there. You are welcomed by the chirp of all kinds of birds that you can find here like the White Pebis, Snake Bird, Gray Heron, Night heron, Egrate, white headed crane, Stone Bill and many more.

Most excellent time to visit:

Ideal time to visit this sanctuary is in the months of June and November and opens from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. enjoy your day exploring new species of birds like the waterfowl, jungle fowl, and black- headed crane and pond heron that is the major attraction of this sanctuary. You can also spend some time in the Gudavi Park. A binocular will definitely help you out.

So what are you waiting plan your weekend to this place and explore nature in a better way.

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