Volos Tourist Places to Visit in Volos, Greece, Europe

Volos Tourist Places to Visit in Volos, Greece, Europe

Volos is the capital of the Magnesia region in Greece situated in the middle of two main cities north of Athens and south of Thessaloniki. Volos covers an area of 27.678 square kilometers (11 square miles) and lies at maximum elevation of 5 meters (16 feet) above the sea level and the city is recognized for its agricultural regions and also a major industrial hub. Volos city is known for its delicious and traditional cuisines and port of Volos act as the main bridge Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Volos is situated at the distance of 335 kilometers from Athens, capital of Greece and 210 kilometers from Thessaloniki city and coordinates are 39.3667° N, 22.9333° E.


History of Volos:

Volos was inhabited before the establishment of Greek kingdom in the region and byzantine rule was established in 14th century and the city was known as Golos and ruled until the year 1423 later captured by Ottoman and ruled for several years. During the Greek Revolution in the year 1832 the region was claimed by Greece as part of Greek national territory.


Tourist Attractions in Volos:

Archaeological site of Ancient Sesklo:

Archaeological site of Ancient Sesklo is one of the exciting locations to visit in Volos situated on the top of the hills from where one can see the breathtaking landscape and the ruins of ancient Sesklo.


Alykes Municipal Beach:

Alykes municipal beach is situated at the distance of 3 kilometers from center of the city is one of the renowned beaches in the city surrounded by cafes, bars and tourists need to pay entry fee and facilities like lifeguard, showering facilities, clothes-changing chambers and a beach bar are available.


Other Places to Visit in Volos:

  • Archaeological site of Ancient Dimini
  • Nikolaos Square
  • Anavros Park


Best time to visit Volos:

Volos enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year and has distinctive weather of neither predominantly high nor extremely low. Best time to visit Volos is from June to September.


Reaching Volos:

By Air:

Nearest airport to Volos is Nea Anchialos National Airport located at the distance of 27 kilometers in Nea Anchialos and flight services are provided by Air Berlin, Ryanair, Lauda Air, Sky Express and Hellas Airlines to cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Vienna, Bergamo (Milan), Rome and Charleroi (Brussels) and many other cities in Europe.


By Sea:

Volos port is one of the main ports in the country that act as the bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia and serves scheduled ferry services to Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos.


By Train:

Train services to the city is provided by OSE railway lines and links to cities in the country and travelling in the train will be cheaper than any other mode of transportation in the country.


By Road:

Volos is connected through E75 and E65 Highways from distinct parts of the country and regional and international coach will arrive in Volos city frequently.


Accommodation in Volos:

Hotels in Volos offer guests with exceptional services and facilities and rooms have been purposeful with comfort in mind and offers convenient and fashionable boutique hotel offers special service and modern accommodations with facilities like luxurious guestrooms, complimentary wireless Internet access in each room as well as the lobby, free parking, flat-screen TVs, swimming pools and family friendly. Hotels in Volos are listed below:

  • Holiday Inn Thessaloniki
  • Porto Palace Hotel
  • Zaliki Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Nikopolis
  • Minerva Premier
  • Hotel Luxembourg
  • Hotel Rotonda
  • Nea Metropolis
  • Colors Budget Luxury Hotel
  • Queen Olga Hotel
  • Andromeda Hotel Thessaloniki
  • Golden Star Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Palace

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