Tourist Places to Visit in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

Yaoundé is the capital city of the African country, Cameroon, geographically positioned at 3°52′ N 11°31′ E, around 230 kilometers east of the country’s largest city, Douala. Situated in the central part of the country, Yaoundé spans an area of 180 square kilometers. Including the Cameroon National Museum and Yaoundé cathedral, Yaoundé houses different types of tourist attractions spread up all around Yaounde.

Industries, mainly tobacco, dairy, clay and glass goods plant, are also the parts of the Yaoundé’s economy along with its administrative centers. The Central Hospital in Yaoundé is the recognized and largest hospital in Yaoundé.


History of Yaoundé:

Originally named Jaunde, Yaoundé was founded as an agricultural research station and ivory trade point by the traders from Germany. For a short period, during World War I, Yaoundé was under the control of Belgian troops and following the defeat of Germany in that war, Yaoundé came under the French power. Since becoming the capital of French Cameroon, Yaoundé has been continued to serve the capital of the Republic of Cameroon.


How to reach Yaoundé?

The Yaoundé Airport is the second largest airport of Cameroon, after the Douala International Airport in Douala and it receives flights from Johannesburg, Istanbul, Paris, Brussels, Douala and many other prime international destinations. The distance of 20 kilometers between the airport and city center can be reached by airport taxis or bus or private transports.

Including Douala, Yaoundé is connected to all the major cities of Cameroon through road.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Yaoundé:

Yaoundé is culturally rich city, home to the University of Yaoundé I, the University of Yaoundé II and Catholic University of Central Africa.

Mfoundi and Mokolo market are the two famous traditional markets in Yaoundé.

Some nice restaurants in Yaoundé are:

  • Cosy Pool Lounge Bar
  • La Paillotte
  • La Terrasse
  • Le Moulin de France


Things to do in Yaoundé:

  • City tours
  • Visiting nightclubs
  • Shopping


Places to see in Yaoundé:

Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apôtres:

Devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Basilique Marie-Reine-des-Apôtres was constructed on the location of the first church of Cameroon that was built by the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. This Roman Catholic basilica is a part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Yaoundé.


The Cameroon National Museum:

Situated in the Cameroon’s former presidential palace, the Cameroon National Museum is the focal point of the Cameroon’s and Yaoundé’s culture and history. Other than collections, the museum is also famous for its eye-catching surrounding landscapes and architecture.


The Cameroon Art Museum:

The Cameroon Art Museum is centered on exhibiting the features and importance of the contemporary arts and crafts of Cameroon which is showcased with a great collection of artworks. The museum is housed in a former Benedictine monastery.


Zoo in Yaoundé:

The zoo of Yaoundé is situated in the neighborhood of Mvog-Betsi, so the zoo is named, the Mvog-Betsi Zoo-Botanical Park. Including reptiles, birds of prey and big cats and home to various animal and bird species.


Yaoundé Unity Palace:

The Yaoundé Unity Palace is the official residence of the President of Cameroon and one of the prominent landmarks as well as tourist attractions in Yaoundé.


List of other places of interest in Yaoundé includes:

  • Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoires
  • Afhemi Museum
  • The Reunification Monument
  • The Sport Palace


Best time to visit Yaoundé:

Yaoundé experiences a tropical wet and dry climate and the best time to visit Yaoundé is from November to February.


Accommodation options in Yaoundé:

Being the Cameroon’s capital and top tourist destination, Yaoundé is packed with numerous top end hotels with world class amenities including spa, sauna, airport shuttle, business center, fitness center and doctor on call service. Some best and recommended hotels in Yaoundé in Cameroon are as follows:

  • Aurelia Palace
  • Tou’Ngou Hotel
  • Hotel Mont-Febe
  • Aurelia Palace
  • The Santa Lucia Complex
  • Hotel Mansel
  • Djeuga Palace
  • Hotel Merina Yaounde centre
  • Hotel des Deputes
  • Central Hotel
  • Hotel Laginaque
  • Relais Saint Jacques
  • Hotel Franco
  • Hotel Meumi Palace
  • Prestige Hotel Palace

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