Tourist Places to Visit in Tiko, Cameroon, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Tiko, Cameroon, Africa

Tiko is a port town in the southwest region of Cameroon, located around 50 kilometers west of the country’s largest city, Douala and 280 kilometers west of the national capital, Yaounde. Tiko is one of the popular tourist destinations in Cameroon, drawing a large group of national and international tourists during dry season, mainly for beaches, golf clubs and nightclubs. Tiko houses two grand hotels with the facilities of swimming pools and nightclubs. The Tiko Golf Club is one of the highlights of Tiko.

Tiko is also popular for its traditional market, which is considered as one of the largest and most famous markets in West Africa. Situated at an elevation of 64 meters above sea level, Tiko is geographically positioned between 4°4′30″ N latitude and 9°21′36″ E longitude.


How to reach Tiko:

Tiko is served by the Douala International Airport with international flights to and from Istanbul, Paris, Brussels, Nairobi and Johannesburg. This airport is situated around 55 kilometers away from the heart of Tiko which can be crossed by airport taxi or bus services.

Other than Douala, Tiko is also linked to all the southern and central Cameroonian cities including Limbe and the country capital, Yaounde.

The local transportation of Yaoundé is catered by minibuses and rental cars and bikes.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Tiko:

Tiko is home to the renowned soccer club Tiko United FC. Imperial Academy of Arts and Science and Christ the King College are the two prime educational institutions of Tiko.

Tiko Market is an internationally recognized traditional market with a wide range of colorful handicraft products and jewels. Restaurants are plenty in Tiko, including both traditional and modernized options.


What to do in Tiko?

  • Golfing
  • Beach exploration
  • Shopping at Tiko Market


What to see in Tiko?

Tiko Golf Club:

Being one of the major tourist attractions, the Tiko Golf Club is frequently visited by both tourists and locals from over Cameroon. A popular golf course, the Likomba Golf Course features 18 holes, few kilometers away Tiko Golf Club.


Down Beach:

The Down Beach is a popular destination for nature and water sport lovers where the town provides most restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers. Between November and February is the great time to explore Down Beach.


The Tiko Market:

The Tiko Market is one of the identities of Tiko having a reputation of one of the most famous traditional markets in West Africa. The market is currently under renovation going to become the West Africa’s illustrious market.



Limbe is a nearby town of Tiko, located around 18 kilometers away from the Tiko’s center. Beaches are the focal point of this town and the town is also popular among visitors for its Limbe Wildlife Centre, Limbe Botanic Garden and Bismarck Tower.



The central point of Cameroon’s tourism and economy, Douala is located around 50 kilometers away from Tiko, holding a title of the most expensive city of Africa and the 27th in the globe. Tiko featured with all kinds of tourist attractions like museums, historic palaces, churches and recreational parks and can be reached by local transportation from Tiko.


List of other places of interest in Tiko and Douala (around 50 kilometers) includes:

  • University of Douala
  • Cathedral Saint-Pierre-Et-Saint-Paul
  • Douala National Maritime Museum
  • Former Kings Palace Bell
  • Doual’art
  • Place du Gouvernement
  • Casino Kheops
  • Hotel Akwa Palace
  • Marche des Fleurs
  • La Nouvelle Liberté
  • Collège Libermann
  • Joseph-Francis Sumegné


Ideal time to visit Tiko:

As like the rest of Cameroon, from November to February is the best and most popular time to visit Tiko.


Accommodation options in Tiko:

Tiko offers plenty of tourist attractions and packed with plenty of modernized tourist favor accommodation centers, including hotels, vacation rentals, B&B and inns with all latest of facilities and services. Here are some nice hotels in Tiko and Douala (around 50 kilometers):

  • Hotel Akwa Palace
  • Hotel Palace Bano
  • Residence Hoteliere La Falaise
  • Vallee des Princes
  • Le Meridien Douala
  • Planet Hotel
  • Ibis Douala
  • Hotel Royal Palace
  • Hotel Serena Palace
  • Sky Hotel Bonapriso
  • Hotel Laguna Palace
  • Afrique Hotel Douala Airport
  • Hotel Makepe Palace
  • Hotel Prince de Galles
  • Hotel Sawa

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