Places to Visit in Gitarama, Rwanda, Kigali, Africa

Places to Visit in Gitarama, Rwanda, Kigali, Africa

Gitarama is the second largest city of Rwanda, after the capital Kigali, from which Gitarama is situated around 50 km away. Gitarama is located in the central western part of the country, at an elevation of 1,812 meters and it belongs to the Muhanga District in Southern Province. Gitarama holds all types of facilities and attractions like the Catholic University of Rwanda, Gitarama Regional Stadium, Muhanga Farmers’ Market and Kabgayi Hospital. Gitarama is geographically positioned between 02°04′48″ S latitude and 29°45′00″ E longitude.

 How to reach Gitarama?

Due to its nearly central position in the country, Gitarama can be reached from all parts of the country through roadway by bus services.

Gitarama is served by the Kigali International Airport, with scheduled flights from Douala, Dubai, Entebbe, Brussels, Amsterdam, Doha, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Mombasa, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. The airport is situated around 60 km away from the heart of the city of Gitarama.

At the airport, taxis are generally available and for inexpensive travel, visitors can use the service of minibuses. For local travel and sightseeing purposes, moto-taxis are widely used in Gitarama.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Gitarama:

Muhanga Farmers’ Market is the place where visitors can bag a wide selection of genuine local specialties like shoes, clothes, jewelry and handicraft products at affordable prices. Gitarama also holds numerous modern shops all around the city.

Cafe Restaurant Modern is one of the nice and popular restaurant options in Gitarama, offering all sorts of African menus.


Things to do in Gitarama:

  • Village tours
  • Walking
  • Shopping


What to see in Gitarama?


Ahazaza Centre:

Ahazaza Centre is a well known cultural centre in Gitarama, offering a wide range of activities for all age groups, including cinemas for kids. It is located at BP 35 Muhanga Province du Sud in Gitarama.


Azizi Life Experiences Rwanda:

Azizi Life Experiences Rwanda is a tour conducted by the local tour operator, in which visitors can feel the rural culture of Rwanda such as traditional construction, cooking and juice making. It would be a memorable experience for overseas tourists.


Gitarama Regional Stadium:

The Gitarama Regional Stadium is a multipurpose stadium in Gitarama. Other than sport activities, the stadium is also famous for eye-catching landscape.


Religious sites in Gitarama:

Gitarama is home to many pleasant and colorful religious sites that are frequented by both devotes and tourists. The major holy sites are the St. Andrew’s Church, the Muhanga Zion Temple, the St. Andrew’s Pastoral Center and the Kabgayi Minor Basilica.



Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, situated around 50 km away from Gitarama. Kigali offers a mix of manmade and natural attractions for visitors like Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Presidential Palace Museum, Inema Art Center, Akagera National Park, Mambas Club and Casino Kigali.


List of other places of interest in Gitarama and Kigali (around 50 km) includes:

  • Muhanga Farmers’ Market
  • Muhanga Zion Temple
  • Kabgayi Minor Basilica
  • Andrew’s Church
  • Muhanga Zion Temple
  • Kigali Memorial Centre
  • Nyamata Church
  • Ntarama Church
  • Ivuka Arts Centre
  • Mambas Club


When to visit Gitarama?

Throughout the year is best, especially during the months between June and September is ideal to visit Gitarama.


Where to stay in Gitarama?

There are hotels limited in Gitarama, on this point, visitors can find more hotels in Kigali to make tour memorable by experiencing a wide range of modern facilities and services. In the below list, the first two hotels are in Gitarama and the rest of the options are in Kigali (around 50 km):

  • Splendid Hotel
  • Jangwe Lodge
  • Kigali Hotel
  • Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel
  • Auberge De Cavern
  • Hotel Chez Lando
  • Iris Guesthouse
  • Park View Courts Rwanda
  • Step Town Motel
  • Sphinx Belair
  • Kay Sun Hotel
  • Gloria Hotel
  • Hotel Laico Umubano
  • Hotel des Mille Collines
  • Kigali Serena Hotel

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