Places to Visit in Garbahaareey, Gedo, East Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Garbahaareey, Gedo, East Africa, Africa

Garbahaareey is the capital city of Gedo region of the eastern African country, Somalia. It is located around 130 km from the border of Kenya, around 450 km west of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Garbahaareey is a developing city, holding a population of around 43,000 people, as of the recent census. It is believed that, Garbahaareey was the hometown of the longest term served president of Somalia, Maj General Mohamed Siyad Barre. Garbahaareey geographically coordinates with 3°21′ N latitude and 42°16′ E longitude.

Gedo Region is the 2nd largest region of Somalia, known for its scenic spots that are located outside the capital, Garbahaareey. The region is blessed with mountain, valley and rivers, which are inhabited by a wide range of animals and birds.


How to reach Garbahaareey?

Garbahaareey has an airport but currently that is not in operation. The Aden Adde International Airport in the capital Mogadishu is the closest airport to Garbahaareey, situated around 450 km away from the centre of Garbahaareey. It is the prime airport of Somalia, handling flights from Nairobi, Djibouti, Dubai, Sharjah, Istanbul and many other African cities.

Buses are not frequent between Garbahaareey and its nearby cities, so it is suggested to visitors to hire a car or taxi for sightseeing, intercity travel and local travel.


Food and Shopping in Garbahaareey:

Although being the regional capital, Garbahaareey houses a limited number of shops and restaurants that are limited to traditional options only. For more upgraded options, visitors can drive towards nearby city Bardera ot Beled Haawo.


What to do in Garbahaareey?

  • Hiking
  • Mountain tour
  • Walking


What to see in Garbahaareey?


Garbaharey Airport:

The Garbaharey Airport currently doesn’t receives any flights, but the airport is allowed for visitors with a prior permission. The airport is located around 3,220 meters above sea level and holds a runway stretching a length of 1,050 metres.



Bardera is one of the major cities coming under Gedo region, situated around 100 km from Garbahaareey. Bardera itself is a scenic city, passed by a river, over which a bridge is constructed with a mix of metals and wooden materials. The city is also home to the University of Gedo.


Humbaale Mountain:

The Humbaale Mountain is situated around 40 km from Garbahaareey. It is the highest peak in Gedo region and it can be experienced best through a guided tour, which can be hired in the city of Garbahaareey.



Mogadishu is the capital city of Somalia, situated around 450 km east of Garbahaareey. Mogadishu is the city of various tourist attractions like the National Theatre of Somalia, the National Museum of Somalia, Mogadishu Stadium, the National Library of Somalia, Mogadishu Cathedral, the Governor’s Palace of Mogadishu, the National Theatre of Somalia and the Arba’a Rukun Mosque.


Other places of interest in Garbahaareey, Bardera and Mogadishu include:

  • University of Gedo
  • Bardera Bridge
  • Somali Red Crescent MCH
  • Arba’a Rukun Mosque
  • The Governor’s Palace of Mogadishu
  • The National Theatre of Somalia
  • National Museum of Somalia
  • Mosque of Islamic Solidarity
  • The Somali National University
  • Mogadishu Stadium
  • Mogadishu Cathedral
  • The National Library of Somalia
  • Mosque of Islamic Solidarity


When to visit Garbahaareey?

Probably the best time to visit Garbahaareey is from May to October, when the weather in condition.


Where to stay in Garbahaareey?

Garbahaareey houses a less number of standard hotels, on this point, here are provided hotels in the national capital, Mogadishu (around 450 km from Garbahaareey), where visitors can find all sorts of hotels ranging from budget options to star rated hotels. Buses are not frequent between Garbahaareey and Mogadishu, so hiring a car would be convenient.

  • Hotel Nasa-Hablod
  • Amira Castle Hotel
  • Hotel Shamo
  • Mogadishu Airport Hotel
  • Jazeera Palace Hotel
  • Aran Guest House
  • Sahafi Hotel
  • Oriental Hotel

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