Tourist Places to Visit in Saraswati, Rajasthan, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Saraswati, Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is known globally as one of the prominent tourism destination in the world. The place is well known for deserts, forts, palaces, Jain temples, Hindu temples, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and historical monuments. Saraswati temple is one of the most distinguished temples located in Pushkar which is dedicated to Hindu goddess of learning Maa Saraswati and the temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Pushkar. The temple is visited by many local, international, writers, artists and various individuals and prominent celebrities.

Tourist attractions in Pushkar:

Man Mahal:

This is one of the most magnificent palaces built by Maharaja Man Singh during his tenure and is one of the prominent landmarks in Pushkar. Man Mahal is visited by many national as well as international tourists all round the year.


Merta is just few kms from Pushkar well known for temples and palaces. The main attractions include Aurangzeb Mosque, Bhanwal Mata Temple and Meera Bai Temple. The city is 400 years old and is visited by many tourists.

Pushkar Lake:

This is one of the most holy and sacred lakes of India which has around 52 palaces, 400 temples and 52 bathing ghats in its vicinity. The lake also attracts many rare species of migratory birds that flock the lake during migrating period.

Brahma Temple:

This is one and the only temple in the world that is dedicated to creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma that was built in 14th century lying on the banks of Pushkar Lake.

Savitri Temple:

Savitri temple was built in the year 1687 which is dedicated to mother goddess Savitri located on the top of Ratnagiri Hills. The tourists and the devotees visiting the temple have to trek up the hill to reach the temple. One can also have a bird’s eye view of the Pushkar lake and nearby villages.

Rangji Temple:

This temple was built in the year 1823 by king Seth Puran Mal Ganeriwal which has a temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. The temple has been constructed as per south Indian style of architecture.

Mahadev Temple:

Mahadev temple was built in the 19th century and is dedicated to lord Shiva and the temple has idol of the lord having 5 faces and is purely made up off white marble. The temple attracts many devotees during month of Shravan and during Mahashivatri festival.

Varaha Temple:

The temple was built in 12th century by king Anaji Chauhan dedicated to lord Varaha, the incarnation in form of wild boar of lord Vishnu. The idol is made up off white marble and is approx 2 feet in height. It is one of the popular tourist spots in Pushkar.

Pushkar Bazaar:

This Bazaar is one of the most frequently visited markets in town of Pushkar which sell many varieties of items and articles ranging from Rajasthani costume, puppets, embroidered fabrics, souvenirs, bangles and beads, utensils and glass wares that attracts lot of local as well as foreign tourists.

Apteshwar Temple:

The temple was built around 19th century and is dedicated to lord Shiva, who is worshipped with utmost faith and devotion by the locals of Pushkar.

Raghunath Temple:

The temple was built in the year 1823 and is dedicated to lord Vishnu. Beside it has other temple such as Narasimha Swamy temple, Venugopal temple, Rama temple and Lakshmi temple.

Most Ideal Season to visit Pushkar?

Pushkar can be visited all round the year as many festivals and events keep taking place in this part of the town. The best time to visit the place will be during the months of winter, where the temperature remains cool, pleasant and favorable for the tourists visiting the place. Summers remain generally hot and sultry as the area is in the vicinity of the Thar Desert with hot breeze blowing across the day which makes this place quite unfavorable for the visitors during this point of time.

Transport & connectivity to Pushkar:

Pushkar is well linked by road, rail and air modes of transport. Regular bus services are available from Pushkar to Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur every 15 minutes. Pushkar is approx 14 kms from Ajmer and about 146 kms from city of Jaipur. It is also well connected by Indian Railways as there are many trains from Pushkar going towards Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and other major cities and towns. The nearest airport is Jaipur Airport located at 146 kms from Pushkar.

Hotels in Pushkar:

Pushkar has many good hotels providing decent accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place from all round the year. The hospitality shown by the hotels are really amazing and the tourists can get a true essence of the warmth shown by the hotel staff in Pushkar. Hotels provide facilities like camel ride, take a ride to cattle fair, offer camel cart ride, visit to Pushkar lake, provide airport pickup and drop, undertake travel bookings, conduct package tours etc. List of some of the hotels situated in Pushkar are:

  • Hotel Pushkar Fort
  • Pushkar Villas Resort
  • Hotel New Park
  • Ananta Spa & Resorts
  • Hotel Aaram Bagh
  • Hotel Master Paradise
  • Hotel Gulab Niwas Palace
  • Hotel Navratan Palace
  • Hotel Pushkar Heritage
  • Hotel Oasis
  • Hotel Premvillas
  • Hotel Inn Seventh Heaven
  • Hotel Bharatpur Palace
  • Pushkar Valley Resort
  • Hotel Krish Palace

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