Best Tourist Places in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India

Best Tourist Places in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, India

Chittorgarh is a city in Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan state, India located on the banks of Berach and Gambhiri rivers. Chittorgarh was developed by Maurya dynasty in the 7th century and various Rajputs rulers ruled this city till India gained independence. Economy of the city depends on the tourism and various handicrafts products are developed in this region. Chittorgarh is located at the distance of 305 Kms from capital city of Rajasthan state, Jaipur and pin Code of Chittorgarh is 312001 and coordinates are 24.8800° N, 74.6300° E.

Tourism in Chittorgarh:

The exciting immense past of Chittorgarh is well apparent in the cleaned out forts, striking castles and wonderful majestic buildings and tourists can also visit various temples located in the city, which is one of the oldest temples in Rajasthan. The visitors attracted towards this elegant town due to its alarming past as well, apart from the present details and the doorway of the Chittorgarh is extremely gorgeous with seven huge entries. Tourists can purchase a selection of strap and dye fabrics, silver jewellery, metal work and shoes from bazaar and Ganger is the major carnival renowned in Chittorgarh, followed by other festivals like Diwali and Holi.

Places to visit in Chittorgarh:

Chittorgarh Fort: the Chittorgarh Fort is the impressive structure at top of the mount of 300 meters above the sea level, which has several palaces and monuments and this fort is located at the distance of 1 Km from centre of the city and one of the most visited forts in Chittorgarh.

Fateh Prakesh Palace: this palace has Lord Ganesha idol, several frescos and fountains inside the palace and was constructed by the Maharaja Fateh Singh and also named after him and palace displays various arts and culture.

Kumbha Shyam Temple: this temple is located in Chittorgarh fort and one of the famed temples in Chittorgarh and this temple was constructed by the Maharana Kumba and it is one of the charming and beautiful temples in this region and temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu.

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary: this is one of the famed sanctuaries located in the Malwa Plateau and house for various animals and birds and this sanctuary is bound by dense forest and rare trees and visited by the tourists in huge numbers.

Kalika Mata Temple: this is the oldest temple in Chittorgarh and was constructed in 8th century and devoted to Goddess Kalika and most visited by the devotees from neighbouring cities.

Other places to visit in Chittorgarh:

  • Nagari
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Bassi wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tulja Bhawani Temple
  • Menal
  • Gaumukh Reservoir
  • Bhainsrodgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Maha Sati
  • Sanwariaji Temple
  • Sathis Deori Temple

Best Time to visit Chittorgarh:

Climate in Rajasthan is hot and humid during the summer season and best time to visit Chittorgarh is during the months of October to March, as the weather will be moderate in this season.

How to Reach Chittorgarh?

By Air: the nearest airport to Chittorgarh is Maharana Pratap Airport or Dabok Airport, which is located at the distance of 94 Kms and it operates domestic flights to Delhi, Jaipur, Udipur, and various other cities in Rajasthan and India and taxis are available from airport to Chittorgarh.

By Train: Chittorgarh is served by the Chittorgarh railway station, which is located at the distance of 2 Kms from the city and it is well connected to various cities and town in Rajasthan state and various other cities in India.

By Road: National Highway 76 and 79 passes through Chittorgarh and it is connected to several cities in Rajasthan state and Rajasthan Government ply public and tourists buses to Chittorgarh from different cities and towns of the state.

Hotels in Chittorgarh:

Chittorgarh is an historical city in Rajasthan and follows the rich culture, which attracts tourists from all over the world and hotels are usually booked during the peak season and hotels are available for all the class of the people and hotel room may cost from Rs. 300 to 5,000 and above, depends on the type of the hotel chosen by the tourists, with facilities like Money Exchange, Safe Deposit, Swimming Pool, Travel Desk, Laundry and Car Rentals. Some of the prominent hotels in Chittorgarh, with world class amenities are listed below:

  • RTDC Hotel Panna
  • Padmini Hotel
  • Welcome Heritage Bassi Fort Chittorgarh
  • Pratap Palace Hotel
  • Meera Hotel
  • Castle Bijaipur Hotel
  • Hotel Nandan Palace
  • Chetak Hotel
  • Gaurav Palace Hotel
  • Vinayak Palace Hotel
  • Shalimar Hotel
  • Pangarh Lake Retreat
  • Hotel Amber Plaza
  • Menal Resort
  • Bhagwati Hotel
  • Hotel President
  • Fort Begu
  • Sri Nath Bholanya Guest House


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