Tourist Places to Visit in Osaka, Japan

Tourist Places to Visit in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the third largest city located in Honshu covering a total area of 223 sq kms known for its culture, lifestyle, entertainment, shopping, temples, shrines and festivals. Osaka is one of the major tourist hubs in Japan visited by lakhs of visitors throughout the year. Osaka coordinates with 34.41’ degree North Latitude and 135.30’ degree East Longitude.


Osaka History:

It is said that the city of Osaka emerged during the early 5th and 6th centuries as shell mounds and human skeletons which were found belonged to this period. Formerly called as Naniwa, Osaka gained prominence during Yayoi period where cultivation of rice and farming became popular. Emperor Kotuku built a palace in the year 645 A.D. and turned out to be the capital city of Emperor Shomu in the year 744 A.D. Osaka was also ruled by Edo and Heian Rulers who built many temples and shrines in this place. After the Meiji Restoration in the year 1868, Osaka opened its doors to foreign trade with other neighboring countries. The word Osaka is derived from Japanese word meaning ‘large hill’ or a ‘large slope’.


Places of attractions in Osaka:

Osaka Aquarium:

This is one of the largest aquariums situated in Osaka containing 35000 marine creatures which also includes great white sharks.


Tempozan Ferry Wheel:

This is a 112 mts tall giant wheel located adjacent to aquarium from where the tourists can have a magnificent view of the city.


Tennoji Zoo:

The Zoo being one of the largest zoos in city of Japan has some rare collections of many wild and endangered species of animals, birds, reptiles and mammals.


Umeda Sky Building:

This is one of the tallest structures located in Osaka which have a floating garden on the rooftop and has an observatory deck offering a 360 degree panoramic view of the city.


Osaka Castle Park:

This is one of the ancient castles situated in Osaka which has a hall and an apricot garden.



This is one of the ancient shrines located in Osaka which was built in the year 593 A.D. by Prince Shotoku.


Universal Studios:

Universal Studios are known for film making and has many miniature sets located within the studio premises. Many Hollywood and Japanese movies are shot and screened in this studio.


Other attractions in Osaka are:

  • Museum of Oriental Ceramics
  • National Bunraku Theater
  • Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrine
  • Nagai Park
  • Osaka Museum of Housing and Living
  • Modern Transportation Museum
  • Shitennoji Temple
  • Tenjimbashisuji Shopping Street
  • Osaka Takoyaki Museum
  • Flower Expo Memorial Park Tsurumi Ryokuchi
  • Osaka Museum of History


Shopping, culinary and cuisines of Osaka:

Osaka is very well known for shopping as the tourists can come across many shopping malls, stores, electronic showrooms and much more. They can shop for apparels, clothing, luxury goods, souvenirs and boutiques. Osakans are also known for foodies as they love many authentic Japanese dishes and recipes like sushi, pan fried batter cake, octopus dumplings, noodles and prawns steamed rice. Osaka is also famous for festivals and events which are celebrated in a grand manner. Many arts, dance and ballot performances are given by eminent theater personalities which draw huge crowds including foreign nationals. Other major festivals include Aizen-matsuri, Shōryō-e and Tōka-Ebisu.


Connectivity to Osaka in Japan:

Osaka is well connected by all modes of transport like road, rail, air and sea. Osaka has wide extensive reach of network railway lines that includes high speed rail, monorail and underground tunnel railway network. Regular bus services are available covering most part of the city with good frequency. Osaka is also well connected by seaports as it is one of the prominent shipping hubs in Kansai region. Osaka is well networked by airways as Kansai Airport and Osaka International Airport are the two major airports operating direct flights to domestic as well as international destinations.


Hotels in Osaka:

Hotels provide all modern amenities and services for the tourists taking accommodation facilities in Osaka. Tourists are advised to book the hotels well in advance during peak seasons prior to visiting the place so that they can find a suitable accommodation of their choice, requirements and as per their budget. List of hotels located in Osaka is as follows:

  • Hotel Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka
  • Hotel Hankyu International
  • Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Osaka
  • Imperial Hotel Osaka
  • Hotel Universal Port
  • Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka
  • Cross Hotel Osaka
  • New Otani Hotel Osaka
  • Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama
  • City Plaza Osaka
  • Hotel Nikko Osaka
  • Hotel Vista Grande Osaka

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