Tourist Places to Visit in Narita, Japan

Tourist Places to Visit in Narita, Japan

Narita is a city located in Chiba Province having a total area of 213.84 sq kms is considered to be one of the fastest residential as well as commercial localities in Japan. Narita has well planned infrastructure facilities, efficient modes of transport, reputed hospital, universities and schools. Narita can be classified into Central Narita, Narita New Town, Kozunomori and Narita Airport areas. Narita coordinates with 35.47’ degree North Latitude and 140.19’ degree East Longitude.


Narita History:

It is believed that Narita city existed way back 30,000 years ago as Archeologists have found some stone tools and implements belonging to Japanese Paleolithic Era. Narita is also known for renowned Buddhist temple of Shinsho-ji which was built in the year 940 A.D. After Meiji Restoration the city was under the rule of Inba District from 1889 onwards until the year 1945 it was severely bombed by US Airforce which caused large scale damage to life and property.


Tourist attractions in Narita:

Narita Sanshino Temple:

This is one of the oldest Buddhist temples founded in 940 A.D. situated in central Narita is one of the reputed temples in this part of the world. The main deity of this temple is fire god who is depicted holding a sword, rope and surrounded by flames. The temple attracts huge devotees all round the year.


Shiseki Park:

This park is famous for rich lush greenery abundant in flora and fauna. The park provides a peaceful, calm and serene atmosphere to the visitors who flock the Shiseki Park throughout the year.


Narita Museum:

Narita Museum is one the most highly visited museum in the city that has large collection of many statues, manuscripts, paintings displaying Japanese culture, art, tradition, artifacts and glassware which attracts many local as well as international tourists.


Narita Wholesale Market:

The wholesale market is well known for fruits, fishes and vegetables located near Narita International Airport. The market opens in the morning hours and remains closed on Sundays and other public holidays. The market is also very famous for tuna auction.


Other attractions in Narita are:

  • Sakura no yama Park
  • Narita Yume Farm
  • Inbanuma known for water bodies and lakes.
  • Makata Shrine
  • Grave of Ono Jiroemon Tadaaki and Tadatsuji
  • Taiheiyo Club Narita Course
  • Narita Yokan Museum
  • Jinbei Park
  • Ryoshoin Temple (Namekawa Kannon)
  • Komikado Shrine


Weather, culture, shopping and festivals in Narita:

Narita experiences a very humid subtropical weather conditions during summer where the maximum temperature exceeds above 38 degrees during month of July and minimum temperature falls to low of -2 degrees in January. At times the place also experiences mild snowfalls. Narita is well known for some of the authentic Japanese cuisines like rice items, Hakka noodles, seafoods like tuna, squids, oysters, starfishes and lobsters prepared in a traditional way by locals of Narita. Narita also organizes various events and festivals like Narita Gion Festival which is one of the famous festivals held during month of July.


Transport and reachability to Narita in Japan:

Narita is well connected by road, rail and air means of transport. The Higashi-Kanto Expressway connects Narita to Tokyo and Chiba. Regular bus services are also available from Narita to reach in and near suburbs. Other highways and Expressways such as Route 295, 296, 356, 408 and 464 connect Narita with other major cities. Narita is also linked by railways as many express trains connect Narita with Tokyo and Narita Airport. Narita is also well connected by airways where many domestic and international services operate from Narita International Airport to many destinations.

Hotels in Narita:

Narita has some of the best hotels in town offering the tourists with utmost comfort and luxury. The hotels range from 1 star to 7 star and provide decent accommodation and serve traditional Japanese cuisines and dishes. List of some of the hotels located in Narita are:

  • Richmond Hotel Narita
  • Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel
  • Hotel Nikko Narita
  • Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu
  • Comfort Hotel Narita
  • Narita Port Hotel
  • Toyoko Inn Narita Kuko
  • Narita Tobu Hotel Air Port
  • Narita View Hotel
  • Apa Hotel Keisei Narita Ekimae

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