Tourist Places to Visit in Christiansted, United States Virgin Islands, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Christiansted, United States Virgin Islands, America

Christiansted is a town on the island of Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands geographically positioned between 17°45′ N latitude and 64°45′ W longitude. It earlier served as the capital of the Danish West Indies from 1755 to 1871. Christiansted is famous for Christiansted National Historic Site which features many well protected 18th century Danish-style structures which were built by the African slaves.

Christiansted is the African-Danish town housing many archeological sites as well as modern shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, scuba shops, a botanic garden and museums including Steeple Museum and Apothecary Museum. Christiansted is an ideal location for walking tours, scuba diving and adventure tours.


How to reach Christiansted?

Christiansted is catered by Henry E. Rohlsen International Airport situated around 10 km from Christiansted with connections to and from Puerto Rico, the Eastern Caribbean and few major USA cities including Miami. The air services are operated by American Airlines, Coastal Air, JetBlue Airways, Seaborne Airlines and many other renowned airlines.

Virgin Islands Department of Public Works is the major bus service provider in Christiansted servicing with Virgin Islands Transit or VITRAN. Taxi bus is another option for local travel, generally expensive but safe.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Christiansted:

Christiansted has a mixed culture of African-Danish and most of the natives belong to different African and Danish communities. Crucian Christmas Festival is the grand festival to be held in Christiansted during late December and early January. Jump-Up is typical nighttime festival organized many times a year.

Christiansted is a town with numerous colorful shops of jewelry, fashion, gift item, dress material, handicraft products and communication centre. The prominent food corners in Christiansted include:

  • Stixx on the Waterfront
  • Rumrunners
  • Jaccar Organic & Natural Sorbets
  • Tavern 1844
  • Pickled Greek


Things to do in Christiansted:

  • Big Beards Adventure Tours
  • Scuba Diving
  • Company Street
  • Shopping
  • Historical sites


Places of interest in Christiansted:

Christiansted National Historic Site:

Christiansted National Historic Site covers an area of 27 acres featuring many well maintained Danish-style buildings from the 18thcentury. It is maintained by The United States Park Service.

Fort Christiansvaern:

Fort Christiansvaern is a yellow brick fort constructed with Danish-style architecture in the 1700s. It is open from 8AM-5PM from Monday-Friday and 9AM-5PM in Saturday-Sunday. Entrance fee is $2.


Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve

Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve is an ideal place to learn on nature, history and cultural heritage of US Virgin Islands. It is one of the distinctive natural sites in Virgin Islands Archipelago. A must visit.



Other places of interest in Christiansted are as follows:

  • Old Danish Customs House
  • Government House
  • Apothecary Museum
  • Old Scale House
  • Steeple Museum
  • Protestant Cay
  • Buck Island Reef National Monument


Best time to visit Christiansted:

The months of April, May and June will be the best time to travel Christiansted.


Accommodation options in and around Christiansted:

Christiansted houses all the kinds of accommodation centres such as camping, budget, mid range and splurge with different facilities and services. Most of them are sited on the beachfront and Sugar Beach Resort is one of the major options offering a great view of the spectacular aqua waters of the Caribbean Sea, charging from $155-$415 per night. The prominent hotels and resorts in Christiansted are:

  • The Palms at Pelican Cove
  • The Buccaneer
  • Hibiscus Beach Resort
  • Tamarind Reef Resort
  • Divi Carina Bay
  • Sugar Beach Resort
  • King Christian Hotel
  • King’s Alley Hotel
  • Chenay Bay Beach Resort
  • Hotel on the Cay
  • Holger Danske Hotel
  • Kings Alley Hotel
  • Hotel Caravelle on St. Croix
  • Club Comanche
  • Club St. Croix Beach and Tennis Resort
  • Company House Hotel

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