Tourist Places to Visit in Cat Cays, Bahamas, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Cat Cays, Bahamas, America

Cat Cays are two islands, North Cat Cay and South Cat Cay in the Bahamas. North Cat Cay is a private island run by the Cat Cay Yacht Club and South Cat Cay is under construction presently. Cat Cays are located around 10 miles south of Bimini, near Miami in Florida.


Geography of Cat Cays:

Cat Cays are geographically located between 25°25′ N latitude and 77°49′ W longitude.


History of Cat Cays:

North Cat Cay is a privately owned island. In 1873, Queen Victoria rewarded it to Captain William Henry Stuart for his service as guardian of the Lighthouse on Gun Cay. Later its ownership was shifted to Captain Arthur Samuel Haigh and Milo Strong. It was bought by Louis and Rae Wasey in 1931 who were the friends of Strong. Wasey changed the island into a private club in 1935 with different specialties.


How to reach Cat Cays?

There are both scheduled flights and private charters services offered by Island Air Charters from Sheltair International Office Park in Fort Lauderdale in Florida to Cat Cays. It charges $399.94 for roundtrip and 50 pounds is the luggage limit per each. Also tourists can have charter flights from Tamiami Airport and Opa Locka Airport in Miami.

Tourists can also reach Cat Cays from Miami (50 miles) and Fort Lauderdale (60 miles) by Yachts. It is possible to reserve Yachts through the Cat Cay office.

Note: It is advised for tourists to visit Cat Cays with prior permission.


Food and Shopping in Cat Cays:

Cat Cays is a private island housing few restaurants such as:

  • Nauticat
  • Bus’s Bar
  • Victoria Dining Room

Also tourists can refer nearby Bimini Islands for more restaurants and shops that are exclusively designed to serve tourists.


Places of interest in and around Cat Cays:

Cat Cay Beaches:

There are many beaches in the North Cat Cays, all the beaches are splendid with restaurants and cafes. Also beaches offer unforgettable snorkeling, diving, swimming and surfing experiences.


The Healing Hole:

The Healing Hole is nearby the Bimini Island and bathing in fresh water sulfur spring pool gives calming Zen-like experience for tourists. It is sited towards south of Easter Cay.


Bimini Bay Beach:

Bimini Bay Beach is a beach with plenty of options to offer guests coming from the different regions of the world. Summer months are ideal to visit this stunning beach.


Other places of interest near Cat Cays include:

  • Holm Cay
  • South Cat Cay
  • Ocean Cay
  • Piquet Rocks
  • Turtle Rocks
  • The Healing Hole
  • Easter Cay
  • The Bimini Museum
  • Porgy Bay Beach
  • Tiki Hut Beach
  • Radio Beach
  • Blister Beach
  • Spook Hill


Best time to visit Cat Cays:

The ideal time to visit Cat Cays is between the months of April and July.


Accommodation options in Cat Cays:

There are few accommodation centres in Cat Cays and also they are expensive compared to other island hotels. Due to this, it is recommended for tourists to find resorts and hotels of Bimini Island which is around 10 miles from Cat Cays. List of prominent hotels and resorts in Cat Cays and Bimini Island are:

  • Bimini Sands Beach Club
  • Sea Crest Hotel and Marina
  • Bimini Big Game Resort & Marina
  • Bimini Blue Water Resort
  • Bimini Sands Resort & Marina
  • Bimini Bay Resort & Marina
  • WildQuest
  • Bimini Magical Vacation B & B
  • Bimini Ocean Villas
  • Thirsty Turtle Yacht Club
  • Weech’s Bimini Dock and Bay View Rooms
  • Big Johns Hotel

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