Silistra Tourist Places to Visit in Silistra, Bulgarian, Europe

Silistra Tourist Places to Visit in Silistra, Bulgarian, Europe

Silistra is a port city located towards the extreme northeast of Bulgaria at 44°7′ N 27°16′ E, around 140 kms from Varna, 240 kms from Burgas and 430 kms from the country capital, Sofia. It is the transportation and cultural centre of northeastern Bulgaria.


Geography of Silistra:

Silistra is situated close to the border of Romania on the southern bank of the lower Danube River at an altitude of 6 meters. The city of Silistra covers an area of 27.159 sq. km.


History of Silistra:

It is believed that, Silistra derives its name from Latin words ‘silo’ means ‘awl’ and ‘stra’ means strategy. Silistra was earlier called as Durostorum during the Roman period. Some historical identities of Silistra include an Ottoman fort, a Roman tomb and a medieval fortress.


Connectivity to Silistra:

Varna Airport is the closest major airport to Silistra, located about 135 km from Silistra and has scheduled flights to Vienna, Burgas, Sofia and seasonal flights to St. Petersburg, London and Moscow.

There are buses regularly available at the Varna Airport and also many tourist vehicles offer direct services to Silistra from the airport.

Varna is well connected by train to Sofia and by bus to Rouse, Dobrich, Shoumen, Razgrad and Varna.

Taxis, buses rental cars and bikes are options for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Silistra:

Generally Bulgarians dominate the population of Silistra, followed by Turks, Gypsies and other communities. Silistra Historical Museum and Silistra Art Gallery are the two major cultural centers in Silistra.

Silistra also houses numerous modernized shops and food corners that serve visitors with lot of love and care and accept cards other than local currency for tourist’s convenience.

Nikulden is a reputed restaurant in Silistra offering a variety of European delicacies.


What to do in Silistra?

  • Visiting Museum
  • Visiting Historical sites
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in Silistra:

Silistra Historical Museum:

Silistra Historical Museum describes the complete history of Silistra with the displays of photographs, artifacts and paintings of the Roman, Medieval and Ottoman era.


Silistra Art Gallery:

Silistra Art Gallery is located within the yellow color building. The art gallery holds the different art works of many renowned artists of Bulgaria.


Roman Tomb:

Roman Tomb in Silistra and dates back to 4 AD which is a well preserved tomb attracting tourists for its unique construction. The fort of Silistra is located in the vicinity of the tomb.


List of other places of interest in Silistra includes:

  • Medieval fortress
  • Ottoman fort
  • Monument to 1300 Years of Bulgaria
  • Tombul Mosque
  • Madara Rider
  • Holy Ascension Basilica
  • Srebarna Nature Reserve
  • The Dobri Voynikov Chitalishte
  • Varna Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Ethnography in Varna
  • The Eastern Orthodox Holy Three Saints Cathedral
  • The Kabiuk Horse Museum
  • Battle of Varna Park Museum “Varnenchik”
  • Nicolaus Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium
  • Nancho Popovich High School


Best time to visit Silistra:

The months between May and October will be ideal to trip to Silistra.


Accommodation options in Silistra:

There are hotels very few in numbers in Silistra compared to the other regions of Bulgaria; Silistra houses around 5 reputed hotels with all the latest facilities and services. Tourists can also find neighboring cities such as Varna and Burgas for better hospitality services. The prominent hotels in and around Silistra are listed here below:

  • Silistra Business Center
  • Hotel Vienna
  • Hotel Bartimex
  • Hotel Rody
  • Hotel Serdika
  • Hotel Drustar
  • Danube Hotel
  • Pelican Lake Guesthouse Environmental Project Centre
  • Danube Lodge Guest House and Research Centre
  • Hotel Queen
  • Shepherd’s Arms
  • Hotel Palermo

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