Places to Visit in Sandanski, Bulgarian, Europe

Places to Visit in Sandanski, Bulgarian, Europe

Sandanski is a town and popular tourist location in Blagoevgrad Province in the south-western Bulgaria covering an area of 26.867 sq. km. It is situated on the banks of Sandanska Bistritsa River, around 65 km south of Blagoevgrad and 165 km south of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Sandanski was named in the honor of revolutionary Yane Sandanski. Sandanski is renowned for its pleasant climate and thermal water springs which draws tourists from all around the globe.


Geography of Sandanski:

Sandanski lies at the foot of Pirin Mountains at the coordinates of 41°34′ N 23°17′ E at an elevation of 296 meters above sea level. Sandanski experiences a Continental Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and damp and mild winters.


Connectivity to Sandanski:

There is no airport in Sandanski, so the closest airport to Sandanski is Sofia Airport which is the most important airport of Bulgaria situated about 168 kms away from the heart of Sandanski.

Sofia Airport is connected with most of the major European cities including Madrid, Amsterdam, Moscow, Milan, London, Kiev, Paris and Frankfurt.

Sandanski has good connectivity with the rest of the Bulgarian cities as it is positioned on the major European Route E79. Also there are many tourist vehicles departing from Blagoevgrad and Sofia during peak tourist season. Minibuses and rental cars are commonly used for local travel in Sandanski.


Food and Shopping in Sandanski:

There are several modernized shops in Sandanski selling products like cotton clothes, perfume, sport shoes, gadgets and traditional handicrafts at affordable prices.

The major restaurants in Sandanski are as follows:

  • Chavkova House
  • Tavern Sandanski
  • Sandanski Han
  • Park Hotel Sandanski


Things to do in Sandanski:

  • Hiking
  • Visiting Historical sites
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Sandanski:

Thermal water springs in Sandanski:

There are many thermal water springs in Sandanski frequented by both domestic and international tourists throughout the year.



Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria in population but it is renowned for its historical buildings and wine production. Some historical structures in Melnik include the Ottoman konak, the Basilica of St Anthony, the Byzantine House, the St Nicholas Church, the Despot Slav’s Fortress and the Kordopulov House.


Pirin National Park:

Pirin National Park is a World Heritage national park covering an area of 400 sq. km. and is home to two nature reserves such as Bayuvi Dupki-Dzhindzhiritsa and Yulen. It was established in 1962 and is situated around 105 kms away from Sandanski.


List of other places of interest in Sandanski includes:

  • Byzantine House
  • Rozhen Monastery
  • Ottoman Konak
  • St Nicholas Church
  • Despot Slav’s Fortress
  • Vihren Mountain
  • Kordopulov House
  • Basilica of St Anthony
  • Bansko Safari
  • Pirin Golf Resort
  • Dancing Bears Park
  • St Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat Church
  • Baba Vanga Museum
  • Bansko Ice Rink
  • Popinolashki Waterfall

Best time to visit Sandanski:

Sandanski can be visited between July and September while the weather will be supportive for outdoor activities.


Accommodation options in Sandanski:

Sandanski is well known for its natural attractions as well as well facilitated hotels that offer world class amenities and services for their guests. Most of the hotels in Sandanski serve guests with variety of traditional and international delicacies other than facilities and services. The prominent hotels in Sandanski are listed here below:

  • Adjev Han
  • Interhotel Sandanski
  • Pirin Park Hotel
  • Panorama Hotel Sandanski
  • Medite Resort Spa Hotel
  • Sokol Hotel
  • Hotel Time Out
  • Astra Sandanski Hotel
  • Saint Vrach Hotel
  • Mountain View Bulgaria
  • Keremidchieva Kushta Guest House
  • Park Hotel Sandanski
  • Family Hotel Pautalia
  • Alex Family Hotel
  • OFIR Eco-Boutique Hotel

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