Places to Visit in Kalemie, Katanga, Congo, Africa

Places to Visit in Kalemie, Katanga, Congo, Africa

Kalemie is a town belonging to the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, lying between 5°56′ S latitude and 29°12′ E longitude. It is located on the western shore of Tanganyika Lake, around 2300 km east of Kinshasa, the capital of DRC. Kalemie is relatively a commercial town with many manufacturing industries, mainly food, textile and cement manufacturing plants. Kalemie has a river port and houses two prominent football clubs Tanganyika and FC Etoile Jaune. Kiswahili is a widely spoken language in Kalemie. Kalemie experiences a tropical savanna climate.


History of Kalemie:

Kalemie was first founded as a military post by Captain Jacques belonged to the Congo Free State on 30 December 1891 with name Albertville few kilometers from the present town Kalemie. The present name came into existence in 1971. Between this, Kalemie had seen the rule of many external powers including the Belgians and Arabs.


How to get Kalemie?

The Kalemie Airport connects the town of Kalemie to Beni, Bunia, Bukavu, Goma, Kinshasa, Kongolo, Lubumbashi, Mbuji and Kananga. It is possible to get taxis and rental cars to cross the distance of 7 km from the airport to the city centre.

The railway network of Kalemie extends to Nyunzu, Kindu, Kabalo and Lubumbashi.

Visitors can hire car from the local travel agency in Kalemie for local travel, airport travel and sightseeing purposes.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Kalemie:

As like country, Kalemie is also dominated by the Christians, who highly speak Kiswahili and understand French as well. Kalemie is home to two soccer clubs, Tanganyika and FC Etoile Jaune.

Some popular dishes in Kalemie include Pili pili, Moambe, Fufu and Mbembe. Handicraft products and traditional costumes are the purchasable items in Kalemie.


Things to do in Kalemie:

  • Exploring lake shore
  • Traditional shopping
  • City tours


Tourist Attractions in Kalemie:


Lake Tanganyika:

The Lake Tanganyika holds the dignity of the longest and the second deepest freshwater lake in the world. Kalemie is situated on the western shore of the lake, where both locals and visitors greatly involve themselves in fishing, swimming, boat riding and many other outdoor activities.


Kalemie Port:

The Kalemie Port is a lake port on the Lake Tanganyika. The port is a great sightseeing spot, offering amazing scenery of wonderful Lake Tanganyika. It is also famous as a nice relaxation point.


University of Kalemie:

Established on 1 October 2004, the University of Kalemie is a university with library in the city of Kalemie. The university offers all latest courses and provides quality education with well versed staff. There is also an internet facility in the university.


List of other places of interest near Kalemie include:

  • Kalemie Airport
  • Basankusu Market
  • Garamba National Park
  • Boyoma Falls
  • Parc National De La Salonga-Nord
  • Tumba Lediima Natural Reserve
  • Bailey Bridge
  • Virunga National Park
  • Okapi Wildlife Reserve
  • Salonga National Park
  • Maiko National Park
  • Petites Chutes de la Lukaya
  • Livingstone Falls
  • Lola ya Bonobo
  • Kahuzi-Biéga National Park


Best time to visit Kalemie:

Probably during the months between June and September is ideal to travel Kalemie.


Hotels in and around Kalemie:

Kalemie houses few modernized hotels, so visitors are advised to reach the nearby cities of Kalemie to find more facilitated hotels.  Hotels in Goma (around 680 km from Kalemie), Butembo (960 km) and Bunia (1200 km) are listed below:

  • VIP Palace Goma in Goma
  • Hotel Ihusi in Goma
  • Mbiza Hotel in Goma
  • Hotel la Versaille in Goma
  • Linda Hotel Goma in Goma
  • Ishango Goma in Goma
  • Lac Kivu Lodge in Goma
  • Rusina Hotel in Goma
  • Hotel Congomani in Goma
  • Hotel Bunia Bunia
  • L’Hotel Karibuni in Bunia
  • Hotel Butembo in Butembo
  • Alpajob Guest House in Butembo

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