Kalhatti Falls: Recreation Spot

Kalhatti Falls: Recreation Spot

Falling from an altitude of 400 feet this place gives its people an enchanting outlook of the place when viewed from the height. It is always true that in such natural place there is something, which is natural there is always a myth. It is told that there was a sage who lived here and his name was Agastya. This place is also related to the lord Veerabhadra. The specialty of this fall is that anyone taking bath under this would surely cure his or her health problems. The fauna and fauna around this place would make one go mesmerizing. This place is a nice hang out for anyone to move away from his or her normal polluted life.


The Kalahati falls is placed in kallantipura, Chikamagalur district in Karnataka. This place is around 250km from the center of Bangalore, about 170km from Mangalore and 10 km from Kemmangundi.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time for one to go to this place is during July to October as that is the time when rains are heavy and the fun is its utmost.

How to Reach There:

By Air: Kozhikode is the nearest airport at this place and Mangalore is another airport, which is recommended more as it is well connected with other cities.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is the Coimbatore railway station.  There is also another option of catching the Shimoga express that starts from Bangalore.

By Bus: The best route to move from Bangalore is through Tumkur-Tiptur-Arsikere-Kadur. The above route comes over NH206.

Major Attractions:

Flora and Fauna: the nature around this place is always different from the others as it gives us a different feeling for people who visit it.
Pilgrim center: The remains of the sage Agastya are the pilgrimage at this place. The various caves where he lived are also a major attraction. A fair is organized once in a year by the locals to give a tribute to the lord Veerabhadra. This fair mostly happens during the months between March and April.  A cave temple is present with the statuette of three elephants in the beginning of the cave.

Trekker’s Spot: it is introduced recently and has a good response from the people.

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