Beautiful Tourist Places in Nellore, Andra Pradesh, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Nellore, Andra Pradesh, India

Nellore is a well known city and the administrative headquarter of Sri Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore district in the Indian State of Andra Pradesh. It was earlier called as Vikrama Simhapuri. Nellore is located about 449 km southeast of state capital Hyderabad and is considered as sixth most populous city in the state covering an area of 144.4 sq. km.

Nellore is positioned at an altitude of 18 meters and is located between 14.43° N latitude and 79.97° E longitude. The Pin code of the Nellore begins from 524001. Sri Erukalala Parameswari Devi Temple and Jonnavada Kamakshi Ammavari Temple are the major worship places of Nellore.

Nellore is one of the highly emerging cities of the state well known for its larger production of rice, lemon, gold jewellery and commercial product of mica. Most of the people of Nellore depended on agriculture grown Paddy, Jowar, Bajra with Tobacco, Chillies, Groundnut and sugarcane in larger margin.


Etymology and History of Nellore:

The name Nellore originated by two Tamil Language words ‘Nell’ means paddy and ‘Oor’ means town. The total meaning of Nellore is Paddy Town.

Nellore was earlier known as Vikrama Simhapuri. It was ruled by famous dynasties namely Eastern Gangas, Telugu Cholas, Arcot Nawabs Maurya Dynasty, Kharavela of Chedi dynasty, Satavahanas, Kakatiyas, Pallavas, Cholas, Pandyas and Vijayanagara Empire in the past.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Nellore:

Pants and Shirts are the general dress material of the gents and Saree is most favorite dress of the ladies at Nellore. The city has mixed religion people like Hindu, Muslim, Christians and Jain community. The local people of Nellore speak Hindi, Urdu and Tamil Language along with local language Telugu.

Malai kajaa is the popular sweet item and pulibongaralu, Redchilli kaaram, Mirchibajji, Onion pakoda are the famous spicy items in Nellore.

Nellore natives the great lovers of Telugu Language movies and also have interest in Tamil and Hindi movies. Mypadu and Koduru beaches are the weekend spots of the locals and the tourists. Nellore is rapidly developing city houses international branded cloth outlets like Peter England, Reliance, Levis, Reebok, Kalyan Jewellers, Joyallukkas, Pepe Jeans, Adidas, Basics & Lenin club.


Connectivity to Nellore:

Chennai-Kolkata National Highway 5 passes through Nellore connects it with major cities of the state and the country as well. APSRTC is providing bus services all around the Nellore district and buses of the main cities of the south Indian states namely Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Bangalore originate from RTC Bus Station.

Nellore Railway Station is the important railway station located 2 km away from the heart of the city and also there is one major bus stop named as PSR Bus Station placed just near the Railway Station. Nellore is about 124 km from its closest Tirupathi Airport.

Places to see in Nellore:

Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple:

Sri Kodandarama Swamy Temple is a major temple of Nellore situated in Buchireddipalem and is widely popular for its eleven days annual fair. It magnetizes pilgrims from all over the district and surrounding districts for its holiness.


Krishna Mandir:

Krishna Mandir is a big worship place of Lord Krishna situated on the Vedayapalem Road. The temple has idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha and Lord Dattatreya.


Ranganatha Temple:

Ranganatha Temple is one of the ancient temples of Nellore devoted to Lord Vishnu. It lies on the banks of River Pennar and has 600 years older 29 meters high doorway. It is believed that the temple was constructed in 1070 A.D and is visited by most numbers of pilgrims during the annual fair.



Jonnawada is a village situated 14 km away Nellore City. It is widely known for its Goddess Kamakshi Temple constructed in 1150 A.D well known for its ten days annual fair.



Penchalakona is a village famous for Narasimha Swamy Temple located 9 km away from Nellore City. Narasimha Swamy Temple is situated on the peak of Veda Giri Hills.


Other tourist attractions in and around Nellore:

  • Pulicat Lake
  • Kandaleru Dam
  • Mulasthaneswara Temple
  • Somasila Dam
  • Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary


Best time to visit Nellore:

Winter Season is the ideal time to reach Nellore to enjoy the festival and hospitality of Nellore.


Accommodation Options in Nellore:

Prominent 3 Star and star Hotels in Nellore city are listed below:

  • Abhiram Hotel
  • Murali Krishna Hotel
  • Simhapuri Hotel
  • Shivam International Hotel
  • Leo Hotel
  • Uthama Hotel
  • Pavani Residency Hotel
  • Saptagiri Lodge
  • Chanukya International Hotel
  • V S R Residency
  • Sunny Heights Hotel
  • Hotel Bhavani Residency
  • Hotel Athidhi Grand
  • D R Uttam Hotel

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