Beautiful Places to Visit in Bidar, Karnataka, India

Beautiful Places to Visit in Bidar, Karnataka, India

Bidar is located in northern part of Karnataka bound by Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh states. Bidar lies on the Deccan Plateau on the banks of river Manjhira which is the main source of water to Bidar district. Bidar covers a total area of 43 sq kms and is located at a height of 2014 feet above sea level. Bidar has a literacy rate of 87% and Kannada is the main speaking language of the people followed by Urdu, Marathi, Telugu and Hindi. Bidar coordinates with 17.91’5” degree North Latitude and 77.51’9” degree East Longitude with Pin Code being 585401.

Tourist places in and around Bidar:

Bidar Fort:

One of the star attractions of the city of Bidar is Bidar Fort built by Bahamani kings during 15th century which is known to be one of the biggest and strongest forts in India. Many tourists come to visit the fort all point of time.

Basava Kalyana:

This place near Bidar provides many information and spiritual teachings of Basavanna which is a popular tourist place near Bidar.

Sri Mailar Mallana Temple:

The temple is dedicated to lord Mailar Mallana who is also worshipped as lord Shiva in this part of the city where lakhs of pilgrims converge to obtain the divine blessings of lord Mailar Mallana. The temple is about 15 kms from Bidar city on way to Bidar-Udgir Road.

Manik Prabhu Temple:

Manik Prabhu temple is about 53 kms away from Bidar city that has a Samadhi and ashram of religious and spiritual saint Sri Sadguru Manik Prabhu. The temple draws both Hindu and Muslim devotees all round the year.

Other tourist attractions in Bidar include:

  • Guru Nanak Gurudwara
  • Narasimha Swamy Temple
  • Papnasham Shiva Temple
  • Barid Shahi Garden
  • Basaveshwara Temple
  • Tomb of Muhammad Gawan
  • Saint Pauls Church
  • Amareshwar Temple

Solah Khamba Mosque:

The mosque was built by Qubil Sultani between 1423 and 1424 and derives its name from 16 pillars that are stationed in front of the monument.


This is an old cylindrical tower measuring 22 meters in height and serves as a watch tower from where the tourists can have a magnificent view of the city of Bidar.

Bahmani Tombs:

Bahamani Tombs are situated about 4 kms from city of Bidar that has 12 tombs which are known for beautiful walls, arches and domes and is a popular tourist spot near Bidar.

Rangin Mahal:

Rangin Mahal is one of the best monuments located within Bidar Fort known for spacious halls, carved wood columns, artistically designed pillars, painted ceilings which are known for superb craftsmanship. Rangin Mahal was built during 16th century and attracts many tourists from all parts of the country.

Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple:

The temple has a self manifested deity of lord Narasimha which has a stream of water said to be flowing continuously since the inception of the temple. Many devotees throng the temple during Narasimha Jayanti and is a huge tourist spot near Bidar.


Bijapur is about 274 kms away from Bidar famous for Heritage and Archeological Sites.


Pandharpur is located at 277 kms from Bidar which is known for temple of lord Panduranga.


Mantralayam is known for samadi, shrine and temple of Swamy Raghavendra that is approx 307 kms from Bidar located on the banks of river Tunga.


Adoni is well known for temples and lakes lying 379 kms away from Bidar.


The capital city of Andhra Pradesh is most well known for rivers, forts, pearls, diamonds, lakes, gardens, museums and shopping which is approx 148 kms from Bidar.

Ideal Season to visit Bidar:

Though the city can be visited all round the year, the best time to pay a visit will be during from October to March as the climate remains pleasant and cool during that point of time. As the city is located on Deccan Plateau, summers are generally hot and sultry where the maximum temperature exceeds above 40 degrees.

Connectivity & Transport to Bidar:

Bidar is well connected by road, rail and air modes of transport as several KSRTC buses ply from Bangalore to Bidar at regular intervals. Bidar is also connected by rail link as many express and passenger trains pass through Bidar Railway Station which is major rail junction in North Karnataka. Bidar is also networked by airways as some domestic airlines are operating from Bidar Airport to Hubli, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Hotels in Bidar:

Bidar has many good hotels that provide value for money as they show full hospitality and courtesy whenever a visitor or a customer visits the hotel. Hotels in Bidar offer different types of menus and cuisines and their main priority is well being of the tourists. Hotels come in different ranges and tariffs starting from Rs. 600 onwards for standard non A/C accommodation to Rs. 6000 and above for ultra five star accommodation providing host of amenities and facilities. List of hotels located in Bidar are:

  • Hotel Mayura
  • Hotel Sapna Continental
  • Kailash Hotel
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Hotel Prince
  • Sai Palace Lodge
  • Kaveri Hotel
  • Hotel Vikas Residency
  • Hotel Raghavendra Lodge
  • Hotel Shiva International
  • Hotel Sapna International
  • oHoHogfgfg HHfgfghfughfjgHotel Krishna Regency
  • KhaKhKhasim Biryani Hotel
  • Hotel Deccan
  • Khasim BHotel Basava Bhavan

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