Tourism Places in Chettinad, Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, India

Tourism Places in Chettinad, Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, India

Chettinad is a town in Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu state, India and center of Chettinad region is Karaikudi. Chettinad is recognized for CECRI laboratory in electro chemical research and apart from this laboratory there are various other industries located in Chettinad region and it is also famed for saris, cuisine and mansions. Chettinad is bound by Karaikkudi, Kanadukathan, Aranthangi, Trippattur, Kalayarkoli, Melur and Thirumayan regions and Chettinad is located at the distance of 405 Kms from the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Coimbatore is 262 Kms away from Chettinad. Pin code of Chettinad is 630102 and coordinates are 10.040° N 78.470° E.

Tourism in Chettinad:

Chettinad is well known for saris, mansions, temples and cuisine, is a famed tourists and pilgrim destination in Sivaganga district. Chettinad is famous for the mouth watering cuisine flimsiness and foods, generally spicy, draw numerous visitors to this region and splendid cottages, temples, castles and impressive houses are all extremely gorgeous in Chettinad. Chettinad town is inhabited by the Chettiar society which has constructed numerous Chettiar Clan temples. Saris of Chettinad are also renowned all over India.

Places to Visit in Chettinad:

Lord Ganesha Temple: this temple is around 1600 years old was constructed by the Pandya Kings and located 10 Kms away from Chettinad town and this temple is renowned for rock cut architecture and the illustration of Karpaga Vinayaka and Siva Linga carved out of a stone.

Chettiar Clan Temple: this temple is renowned for 9 kinfolk’s temples of Chettinad community and located in 9 villages surrounding Chettinad and a prominent temple among these is Ilayathangudi temple, which is located in the heart of the city.

Chettinad Museum: this is one of the famed tourists destinations in Chettinad region and this museum displays the life style and various daily stuffs, which were used by the Chettiar community.

Meenakshi Sundereshwar Temple: This temple was built in the year 1872 and has 108 statues of Lord Ganapathy and also famed as Sivan Temple and for beautiful architecture design and one of the major attractions in Chettinad region.

Chettiar Palace: this palace is located in Kanadukathan in Chettinad region and was built by S. A Ramaswamy Chettiar and took over 10 years to complete this palace and at present this palace is converted into a heritage hotel.

Other interesting places to Visit in Chettinad:

  • Athangudi
  • Athmanathaswamy Temple
  • Kamban Mani Mandapam
  • Kaviarsar Kannadhasan Mani Mandapam
  • Koviloor Aadheenam
  • Kundrakkudi Murugan Temple
  • Shri Koteeswara Kottaiyur Temple
  • Vairavan Kovil temple
  • Karpaga Vinayakar temple
  • Kottaiyur Sivan temple
  • Kandanur Sivan temple

Best Time to Visit Chettinad:

Chettinad is renowned for mouth watering cuisine and also for saris and touristss visit this region throughout the year and best time to visit Chettinad is during the months of October to March.

How to Reach Chettinad?

By Air: Tiruchirapalli International Airport is located at the distance of 77 Kms from Chettinad town and it is one of the major airports in Tamil Nadu and connects to cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and other cities in southern India and taxis are available from airport to Chettinad.

By Train: Chettinad is served by the Chettinad Railway Station, which is located 3 Kms from centre of the city and connected to various cities and towns in Tamil Nadu and the neighbouring states.

By Road: National Highway 210 connects Chettinad to several towns and cities in Tamil Nadu and several government and private buses ply from various parts of Tamil Nadu state and neighbouring states as well.

Hotels in Chettinad:

Chettinad is famed for its cuisine, saris and temples and touristss from various parts of India visit this region and it is one of the popular tourists destinations in Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu. Hotels in Chettinad are classified into budget, mid range and luxury and may cost from Rs. 500 to 7,000 and above and provides good quality of services and hospitality. Some of the prominent hotels in Chettinad are listed here below:

  • Thappa Gardens Resort
  • Chettinadu Mansion
  • Chettinadu Court
  • Golden Singar Hotel
  • Visalam Hotel
  • Chettinaadu Narayanaa Inn
  • Chidambara Vilas
  • Subhalakshmi Palace Hotel
  • Udhyam Hotel
  • Hotel Subhalakshmi Palace
  • Arya Bhavan Hotel
  • Hotel Annapoorna
  • Chidambara Vilas
  • Visalam Heritage
  • Golden Singar Hotel
  • Thappa Gardens Resort
  • Hotel Udhayam
  • Hotel Sugam International

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