Bursa Tourist Places to Visit in Bursa, Turkey, Europe

Bursa Tourist Places to Visit in Bursa, Turkey, Europe

Bursa is a city belonging to the province of Bursa in the Marmara Region of Turkey. It is identified as the 4th largest city of Turkey in terms of population, is one of the leading industrialized metropolitan hubs of the nation. The Uludağ University in Bursa is one of the prominent universities of Turkey. The popular Turkish dishes like Turkish Delight and İskender kebap originated in Bursa.

The province of Bursa covers famous historic towns like İznik, Mudanya and Zeytinbağı. The city of Bursa covers an area of 1,036 sq. km and its coordinates are 40°11′ N 29°03′ E.


History of Bursa:

The history of Bursa begins with it becoming the first capital of the Ottoman State in 1335 to 1413 when it was called Hüdavendigar, literally means ‘God’s gift’. Before this, Bursa had seen the rule of Greeks, Prusias and Romans.


How to reach Bursa?

Bursa is situated around 100 meters above sea level, around 230 km south of the country’s largest city, Istanbul. Bursa is served by the Yenişehir Airport with continuous operation of flights from Munich, Ankara, Düsseldorf, Baku, Adana, Beirut, Kuwait and seasonal flights from Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan, Stuttgart, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam and Berlin. This airport is located around 60 km away from Bursa.

By bus, it takes from 3 to 4 hours and costs about 20 TL from Istanbul to Bursa.


Culture and Food in Bursa:

The culture of Bursa is centered on the Uludağ University which hosts regular cultural programs displaying the city’s culture.

Some specialty shops in Bursa are:

  • Korupark Alisveris Merkezi
  • Covered Bazaar
  • Ozdilek AVM
  • Magazin Outlet Shopping Center

Must try dishes in Bursa are İskender kebap, Candied Chestnut and Pideli Köfte.

The famous restaurants in Bursa include:

  • Biricik Bistro Cafe & Restaurant
  • Çiçek Izgara
  • İskender
  • Hacı Dayı


Things to do in Bursa:

  • Visiting Turkish Baths and spas
  • Shopping
  • City tours


Tourist Attractions in Bursa:


Ulucami Mosque:

Ulucami Mosque or the Great Mosque is situated in the centre of Bursa, constructed in 1399. The highlights of the mosque are attractive calligraphic panels which are used to decorate walls and columns of the mosque. The mosque features a fountain within it.


Yeşil Camii:

Yeşil Camii or Green Mosque is situated in the green district of Bursa well known for tomb enclosed by tiles. As like other mosques in the city, Yeşil Camii also features a fountain. There is a tea garden beside the mosque.


Muradiye Complex:

The Muradiye Complex is famous for housing the tombs of many renowned Ottoman personalities including Murat II, Prince Mustafa, and Gülbahar Hanım. It surrounds the Muradiye Mosque.


Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art:

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art is a small but popular museum housing jewelry boxes, manuscripts, clothes, pottery, vases and many other interesting things showcasing the importance of the Turkish and Islamic Art.



Darüzziyaf dates back the Ottoman period, is completely renovated as a family restaurant situated in the Muradiye district of Bursa. Other than food, Darüzziyaf is also known for its garden.


Other attractive places in an around Bursa include:

  • Emir Sultan Camii
  • Uludag Kayak Merkezi
  • Cumalikizik
  • Iznik
  • Hunkar Kosku
  • Bursa City Museum
  • Yildirim Bayezit Mosque
  • Ataturk Museum
  • Tombs of Osman and Orhan
  • Bursa Town Hall
  • Bursa Zoo
  • Uludag Teleferik
  • Tofas’s Bursa Museum Of Anatolian Cars
  • Orhan Gazi Mosque


Ideal time to visit Bursa:

As of weather, from May to September would be great to enjoy holidays in Bursa in Turkey.


Where to stay in Bursa?

There are plenty of tourist favor hotels in Bursa shared between all parts of the city of which most offer advance booking facility through online for visitor’s convenience. The major hotels in Bursa are listed below:

  • Marigold Termal & Spa Hotel
  • Hilton Bursa Convention Center and Spa
  • Sheraton Bursa Hotel
  • Otantik Club Hotel
  • Tugcu Hotel
  • Tiara Termal Hotel
  • Central Hotel Bursa
  • Hotel Monte Baia
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Celik Palas Bursa
  • Gold Majesty Hotel
  • Baia Hotel Bursa
  • Holiday Inn Bursa
  • Boyuguzel Termal Otel
  • Kervansaray Termal Hotel

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