Tourist Places to Visit in Nevsehir, Turkey, Europe

Tourist Places to Visit in Nevsehir, Turkey, Europe

Nevsehir is a city as well as the capital district belonging to the province of Central Anatolia Region in Turkey. It is one of the top tourist destinations of Turkey, leading tourists to historical sites like the fairy chimneys, caravanserais, churches and monasteries in its nearby areas. Located at an average altitude of 1,224 meters, Nevsehir is situated about 290 km southeast of the national capital, Ankara and 720 km southeast of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey.

Nevsehir features a warm dry-summer continental climate with warm summers and cold winters and receives most rainfall during late spring. The district of Nevşehir covers a total area of 535 sq. km.


History of Nevsehir:

According to the archeological history, Hittites were the original founders of Nevsehir, founded the settlement on the bevels of Mount Kahveci. Reign over Nevsehir was initiated by the Assyrian Empire around the 8th century BC and following the end of the Assyrian’s rule, Nevsehir continuously changed the hands of many powerful empires including Persians, Greeks and Romans and finally came under Ottomans.


How to reach Nevsehir?

The Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport hosts a domestic airport, served by Pegasus Airlines and Turkish Airlines with scheduled flights from and to Istanbul and Turkish Airlines operated by AnadoluJet provide air services from Ankara and Antalya. The airport is located around 30 km away from the centre of Nevsehir, connected by shared taxis, commercial taxis and buses.

Nevsehir can be reached through roadway from all the major cities of the country.

To move within the Nevsehir city, buses are the cheapest options.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Nevsehir:

Coming under different civilizations, Nevsehir has diverse cultural features, dominated by Muslim people.

Don’t forget to buy genuine carpets in Nevsehir. The town is also famous for wines which can be taken at any of the bars of the town.


What to do in Nevsehir?

  • Visiting Turkish bath
  • Custom Travel Private Tours
  • Hiking


What to see in Nevsehir?


Churches in Nevsehir:

Nevsehir houses many renowned historical churches of which most dates from the Greek and Roman period from the 8th to 13th centuries. The popular rock-hewn churches of Göreme are located around 10 km away from Nevsehir.


Goreme Open Air Museum:

The Goreme Open Air Museum is one of the top tourist attractions in the historical region of Cappadocia. This popular outdoor complex houses many well preserved historic churches and chapels dating from the 10th century and Yilanli Church and Tokali Church are the most recognized ones among them, well known for frescoes.


Zelve Monastery:

UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Zelve Monastery is situated around 10 km away from the centre of the Nevsehir city. Dating from the Byzantine-era, the Zelve Monastery is a typical manmade rock formation and now it is partially ruined, allowed for visitors to see. It is a part of the Zelve Open-Air Museum.


Kaymakli underground city:

Located around 20 km away from the town of Nevsehir, Kaymakli underground city is home to 8 floors of which only 4 are open to visitors. These special houses were constructed by natives for their own use and since 1964, the houses are allowed to the public.


Ihlara Valley:

Located in the proximity of the mountains of Mount Melendiz and Mount Hasan, the Ihlara Valley is a spectacular natural formation, formed by the River Melendiz. It runs up to 14 kilometers from the Ihlara village to Selime village and measures a depth of 100 meters.


List of the other tourist attractions in Nevsehir includes:

  • Forgotten Cave Churches
  • Derinkuyu Underground City
  • Ortahisar
  • Caravanserais
  • Devrent
  • Avanos


When to visit Nevsehir in Turkey?

Due to the most tourist attractions located outside the city, visitors generally choose ummer months between April and October to visit Nevsehir in Turkey.


Where to stay in Nevsehir?

Although being a tourist destination, Nevsehir houses limited number of hotels, so it is advised for tourists who have a plan to visit Nevsehir during their vacation, to book hotel rooms well in advance through online. The prominent hotels in Nevsehir are as follows:

  • Doubletree by Hilton Avanos Cappadocia
  • Lykia Lodge Kapadokya
  • Kapadokya Kartal Hotel
  • Dinler Hotels
  • Peri Tower Hotel
  • Vera Hotel KaymaklI
  • Crystal Kaymakli Hotel & Spa
  • Dedeman Hotel
  • Taskin Hotel
  • Hisar Evi Cave Hotel
  • Melagobia Cappadocia Hotel
  • Ramada Cappadocia
  • Hestia Filiz Pansiyon
  • Goreme Country House
  • Kozakli Grand Termal Hotel


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