Bundi Tourist Places in Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Bundi Tourist Places in Bundi, Rajasthan, India

Bundi is situated in Bundi district in Rajasthan covering a total area of 193 sq kms and lying at 879 feet above sea level. Bundi is known for forts, palaces and step well reservoirs. Bundi has a literacy rate of 67% and Rajasthani, Hindi being the most widely spoken languages of the people staying in Bundi. Bundi coordinates with 25.44’ degree North Latitude and 75.64’ degree East Longitude with Pin Code being 323001.

Tourist attractions in and near Bundi:

Taragarh Fort:

Taragarh Fort also known as Star Fort is one of the imposing structures located in Bundi. The Fort was built in the year 1354 on a steep hill facing the Bundi city. The fort has 3 water bodies or tanks and many tourists visit the fort to have a magnificent view of the city from hill top.

Bundi Palace:

Bundi Palace is another important tourist attraction near Taragarh fort which is renowned for architecture work and craftsmanship. The Palace has an Art Gallery which is open for general public and is popular tourist place in Bundi.

Raniji ki Baori:

These are the biggest of the step wells located in Bundi going 46 meters deep and built in 1699 by Rani Nathavatji.

Nawal Sagar:

Nawal Sagar is a manmade lake located at the heart of the city which has many small islets. The Nawal Sagar lake has a temple of lord Varuna at the middle of the lake which draws many travelers from all parts of the country.

Dabhai Kund:

Dabhai Kunds are one of the largest kunds in Bundi which displays dazzling carvings on the steps leading to water level.

Dugari Fort:

Dugari Fort is located 39 kms away from Bundi which has large acres of gardens and one of the popular tourist places near Bundi.

Kanak Sagar Lake:

Kanak Sagar Lake is about 36 kms from Bundi where the tourists can spot many species of migratory birds coming from Russia and Siberia.

Phool Mahal:

Phool Mahal is an impressive fort located on the banks of river which is famous for excellent workmanship and style. The Palace was built by Raja Bahadur Singh in the year 1945 and is a popular tourist destination.

Shikar Burj:

Shikar Burj is another tourist attraction site near Bundi which is surrounded by dense jungles and water bodies.


Indragarh is famous for its fort which was built around 17th century by king Indrasal Singh standing near the mountain ranges that is quite unique in its structure. The fort draws many visitors all round the year.


Talwas is known for its fort that was built by king Ajit Singh. The lake located within the premises of the fort is filled with beautiful lotus plants and also have a temple of lord Shiva. A waterfall near the fort has made this place even more popular for the travelers.


Rameshwar is famous for cave temple of lord Shiva surrounded by Aravalli Mountain Ranges which offers an ideal weekend retreat for many visitors. The region is covered with rich deciduous forests and waterfalls and is a popular tourist spot near Bundi.

Badal Mahal:

Badal Mahal are known for their unique paintings and sculptures that is situated near Taragarh Fort. The Palace attracts many travelers from across the world.

Ramgarh Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is about 45 kms from Bundi covering an area of 252 sq kms rich in flora and fauna. The tourists can spot many wild animals including endangered species like tiger, bison, Gaur, elephants, cheetah, black bucks, sambar deep, cheetal and wild buffaloes.


Kota is known for forts, palaces, temples and historical monuments which is about 35 kms from Bundi.


Jaipur also known as “Pink City” is known for forts, palaces, heritage centers, lakes and gardens which is approx 210 kms from Bundi.

When to visit Bundi?

Bundi can be visited all round the year, but the best time to visit the place will be during months of October to February where the climate remains cool and pleasant as winter sets in this place at this point of time. Summers are generally hot and temperature may exceed above 40 degrees making uncomfortable for the tourists visiting Bundi.

Hotels in Bundi:

As Bundi is largely known for its tourist attractions, many travelers and tourists keep visiting the place all round the year. As a result, the Department of Tourism have come up with many hotels, lodges and guest houses for providing a good and comfortable stay in the hotels. Some 5 star hotels offer hosts of amenities and facilities like car booking, ticket booking, bed and breakfast, doctors on call, sauna and spa, broadband facilities etc. List of hotels located in and around Bundi are:

  • Hotel Bundi Haveli
  • Bundi Vilas
  • The Ummaid Bagh Resort
  • Hotel Haveli Braj Bhusanjee
  • Hotel Surpin Palace
  • Ishwari Niwas Palace
  • Kasera Heritage View
  • Hotel Chandna Residency
  • Hotel Kishan Kunj
  • Hotel New Payal
  • Hotel Surya Prime
  • Hotel The Uday Regency

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