Best Tourist Places to Visit in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan, Asia

Karakol is a city of Issyk-Kul province of Kyrgyz Republic and fourth largest city of central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.  Karakol is located on the Eastern Banks of the world’s second largest Mountainous Lake of Issy-Kul.  Karakol city is a tourist destination place because of the Lake Issy-Kul, which provides various water sporting activities among the sylvan surroundings.


Karakol is around 375 Km to the East of the capital city of Bishkek on the route 363A.  To the East and South of Karakol at a distance of 145 Km is the Chinese country. To the North of Karakol is the CIS country Kazakhstan and to the North West of Karakol is the province of Chuy and to the West the province of Naryn.


The best season to visit Karakol is from June to October during the summer time as the summers are mild and warm and winters are very cold and freezing.



History of Karakol:


Karakol was previously known as Przhevalsky when the area was under the Soviet rule till the year 1991, named in the memory of the Russian expeditor Nicholay Przhevalsky who happend to die in Karakol.  Karakol had the strong Russian military presence and the Issy-Kul Lake provided ample site for testing the Russian military’s marine warfare equipments. Karakol was also the home for the Chinese Muslims known as Dungans who fled China in late 19th century to escape Chinese reprisals.



Food and Culture in Karakol:


Food consumed in Karakol is the normal national dish of Beshbarmah and the fermented mare’s milk drink of Kumi. The other food stuffs that are consumed in Karakol are the products of wheat that are grown in the fields and also the dairy products of the animals that are reared in the farm lands.  Major hotels provide both ethnic and international cuisine to its customers. The bread and tea culture or the nan-chai is part of the Kyrgyz Culture other than the Dungan or Chinese cuisines.


The ethnic culture of Karakol of Russians and Chinese (Dungans) descendents living along with Kyrgyz people has strong influence in Karakol activities.  There is Russian Orthodox Church and Dungan Mosque for the people to pay their obeisance to their respective ditties and people enjoy the folk music during their dinner hours.



Shopping and Things to do in Karakol:


Karakol has large concentration of Chinese and Russian people and the tourists can purchase the ethnic handicraft items as souvenirs and also Chinese goods at competitive rates.


When in Karakol tourists can visit various cultural sites of the ancient temples that are very old those are more than 2000 years old and also visit the Cholpon-Ata, a Stone art gallery.  The verdant valley of Jety-Oguz gorge with healing spring where one can swim.


Tourist Attractions in and around Karakol:


  • Issyk-Kul Lake: Located to the West of Karakol is good picnic spot and one can indulge in various water sports.
  • Jety Oguz gorge: One of the green valleys with red-stone Mountains with medicinal springs.


  • Cholpon-Ata: Open air Stone art gallery that dates back 1st


  • Nikolai Przhevalsky Museum: Named in the memory of Soviet Explorer.


  • Karakol Ski Base: A Skiing area for the Ski enthusiasts.


  • Tersky Alatau: Located in the Karakol valley among the verdant greenery is a good trekking point for tourists.


Connectivity to Karakol:

 Karakol is reached by taxis and transport buses from the capital city of Bishkek by route no.A363 which is around 375 Km. and also from Almaty in Kazakhstan, which is around 370 Km on route A351.  Karakol has Airport that handles domestic flight and Manas airport near to the capital city of Bishkek for international flights.


Hotel Accommodation in Karakol:


Karakol has few quality hotels and also bread and breakfast hotels for the tourists to board in.


  • Green Yard Hotel 3*
  • Amir Hotel 3*
  • Elite Guest House 2*
  • Karakol Guest House (B&B) Hotel
  • Intour Hotel (B&B) Hotel
  • Three –Room Apartment (B& B Hotel
  • Kaprice – Karkol Hotel (B&B) Hotel
  • Karakol – Ski Resort

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