Best Tourist Places to Visit in Dhule, Maharashtra, India

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Dhule, Maharashtra, India

Dhule also called as Dhulia is a municipal town and the district headquarters of Dhule District in Maharashtra State. It is located about 323 kms from state capital Mumbai and has an elevation of 250 meters. Dhule is placed between latitude 20°53′59″N in the north and longitude 74°46′11″E in the east.

Dhule is situated in the northwestern part of Maharashtra State and is surrounded by Gujarat State in the west, Nasik District in the south, Nandurbar in the north and Jalgoan towards east. The Postal Code of Dhule starts from 424001.

Dhule Sub-Division and Shirpur Sub-Division are the two sub-divisions of Dhule District and the district include six legislative assembly constituencies namely Dhule City, Sindkheda, Malegaon Outer, Dhule Rural, Baglan and Malegaon City.


Taluks in Dhule District:-

  • Dhule
  • Sakri
  • Sindkheda
  • Shirpur


History and culture of Dhule:-

Dhule was earlier known as Rasika. Yadava dynasty, Sunga dynasty, Maurya dynasty, Bahamani dynasty, Farugui dynasty, Rastrakuta Empire and Chalukya Dynasty were the major dynasties to rule Dhule in the past.

Ahirani (a dialect of Marathi) is the main language spoken by Dhule natives. Other widely spoken languages include Bhili, Bhilali, Bareli Palya, Bareli Pauri, Bareli Rathwi. Agriculture is the major income source of Dhule and the higher majority of farmers grown cotton, wheat, bajra, jowar and onion.


Food and Shopping in Dhule:-

Dhule people have the great taste of both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. Puran poli, Ukdiche Modak, and Batata Wada are the popular food items and Mutton Maratha, Chicken Maratha are the prominent non vegetarian dishes of Dhule.

Dhule is jam packed with full of shopping malls, shopping centre, vehicle showrooms, gold jeweler shops, general stores, electronic showrooms, Xerox centres, cloth stores and photo studios.


How to reach Dhule?

Dhule is well connected with Mumbai and Agra through National Highway 3 and 6. Dhule is served by Dhule Railway Station (2 kms) and Dhule Airport (7 kms).

The international airports located near Dhule include:

  • Aurangabad International Airport (148 km)
  • Pune International Airport (340 km)
  • Mumbai International Airport (350 km)

To reach international airports one can board buses at Dhule Town Bus Stand and Jeeps and Minivans are also the best options.


Tourist places in Dhule:-

Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary:-

Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist destination located on Satpura Range in Shirpur Tehsil of Dhule District. It has near proximity with Yawal Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh. Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary is home to major animals like Barking Deer’s, Chikaras, Hares, Porcupines, Jungle Cats and beautiful birds namely Peafs, qualis, partridges, egrets, herons, cormorants, corts and spot bills. November and February is the best time to visit Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary.



Prakashe is a village lies on the bank of Tapi River in Shahade Taluk. It is the pilgrimage centre, home to numerous prominent temples include Sangameshwar Mahadeo Temple, Kedareshwar Temple and Gautameshwar Mahadev Temple.



Nizampur is a village situated in Sakri Tehsil houses famous temples and an old gadi. Krishna Temple and Hemadpanthi Temple are the famous temples located in Nizampur and were built with great Indian architecture.


Laling Fort:-

Laling Fort is located 6 mile south of Dhule city and is a historical place built during 14th century. There are two temples of ‘Hemadpanthi’ styles located just near Laling Fort.



Thalner is a village lies on the Tapi River in Shirpur Taluk of Dhule District. It is located about 47 km northeast of Dhule city centre and is considered as the first capital of the Faruqi Kings. Thalner Fort and Thaleshwar Temple are the two major landmarks in the village.


Other tourist places in and around Dhule include:-

  • Songir
  • Shri Samartha Vagdevta Mandir
  • Shirud
  • Bodgaon
  • Indave
  • Amali
  • Sarangkheda
  • Dattatreya Temple
  • Shri Samartha Vagdevta Mandir
  • Ekvira Devi Temple
  • Padmanabh Swami Maharaj Temple
  • Nakane Lake
  • Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal


Best time to visit Dhule:-

Months of Winter Season is the great time to holiday Dhule.


Accomodation options in Dhule:-

Dhule is one of the best tourist destinations of Maharashtra State houses wildlife sanctuary and numerous ancient forts. To give best hospitality services to tourists there are several hotels, lodges and home stays located and the list of hotels in Dhule is as follows:

  • Uday Palace Hotel
  • Rasraj Lodge Hotel
  • Hotel Manas
  • Jhankar Palace Hotel
  • Dwaraka Hotel
  • Tirupati Hotel
  • Gaurav Hotel
  • Amit Plaza Hotel
  • Ashish Hotel
  • Hotel Kishnai
  • Hotel Mourya
  • Hotel Pritam Palace
  • Hotel Poornima
  • Tayyab Hotel

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