Best Tourist Places to Visit in Aisen (Aysen), Chile, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Aisen (Aysen), Chile, America

Aysen also called Aisen is a region of Chile geographically situated at 45°34′12″ S 72°3′58″ W. Coihaique is the capital city of Aysen region and the provinces under the region are Coyhaique, Aysén, General Carrera and Capitán Prat. Aysen is home to Laguna San Rafael National Park, the Southern Patagonian Ice Field and the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Tourism and natural resources are the backbone of Aysen’s economy.


Geography of Aysen:

With an area of 108,494.4 sq. km, Aysen is the 3rd largest of 15 regions of Chile.


History of Aysen:

Because of its cool weather and ice fields, Aysen may be derived from the English word ‘Icy’. Cunco are the indigenous people of Aysen and the region also houses the population of British and German descent as well as Spanish origin who were migrated during the colonial period.


How to reach Aysen?

Aysen is served by the Balmaceda Airport which is situated around 55 km from the capital city of the region, Coyhaique with flights to Puerto Montt, Santiago de Chile, Valdivia, Punta Arenas, operated by LAN Airlines and Sky Airline.

Aysen has a good road network served by both luxury and general buses. To move within the city, to reach tourist destinations and airport, tourists can hire a car or bike or cycles from any of the travel agencies of Coyhaique.


Food and Shopping in Aysen:

Aysen is a pleasant and cool region housing numerous traditional as well as modern shopping centres that offer a wide range of handicraft, perfume and cotton clothes.

The prominent food corners in the areas of Aysen are as follows:

  • Duendecito de la eme
  • Mamma Gaucha
  • Restaurant Dali
  • Bajo Marquesina
  • Casino Bomberos


Things to do in Aysen:

  • Hiking
  • Boat rides
  • Glaciers


Places of interest in Aysen:

Laguna San Rafael National Park:

Established in 1959, Laguna San Rafael National Park is spread over an area of 17,420 sq. km. with Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Around 15 km long fjord, San Rafael Lagoon and San Rafael Glacier are the prime attractions of the park. It can be reachable only by boat or plane.


Coyhaique National Reserve:

Coyhaique National Reserve is situated few kilometers away from the city of Coyhaique. It boasts many well preserved paths and rich flora offering nice view of the city.


San Rafael Lagoon:

San Rafael Lagoon is a coastal lake formed by the supply of the San Rafael Glacier and has a surface area of 123 sq. km. It is visited by hundreds of tourists daily, served by ships from Puerto Chacabuco, Puyuhuapi and Puerto Montt.


Other places of interest near Aysen include:

  • Pumalin Park
  • Capillas de Marmol
  • Catedral de Marmol
  • Futaleufu River
  • Aysen Glacier Trail
  • Baker River
  • Queulat National Park
  • Glaciar Jorge Montt
  • Casino Dreams Coyhaique
  • Parque Aiken del Sur
  • Parque Nacional Queulat
  • Rio Grande River
  • Ecoexploradores Patagonia
  • Steffen Glacier
  • Fjord Quitralco


Best time to visit Aysen:

Probably, from December to March will be the best time to visit Aysen.


Accommodation options in Aysen:

There are many hotels and resorts in Aysen with world class facilities and services and most of which are recently renovated by the suggestions of regular visitors. Rates and tariff differ from hotel to hotel and list of major hotels in Aysen is:

  • Hotel Belisario Jara
  • Green Baker Lodge
  • Nomades Hotel Boutique
  • Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa
  • Hotel Salmo Patagonia Lodge
  • Hotel Espacio y Tiempo
  • Hotel Dreams De La Patagonia
  • Mirador Cabanas
  • El Reloj Hotel
  • Terra Luna
  • Loberias del Sur
  • Un Destino No Turistico
  • Hosteria Coyhaique
  • Hostal Aike
  • El Mirador de Guadal


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