Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Siena, Italy, Europe

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Siena, Italy, Europe

Siena is the capital city of the province of Siena in the Tuscany region of Italy geographically positioned between 43°19′07″ N latitude and 11°19′50″ E longitude. Siena is widely renowned for its historic centre which was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Siena is also known for typical cuisine, museums and a horse race, called the Palio.


Geography of Siena:

At an altitude of 322 meters, Siena is spread over an area of 118 sq. km, situated around 85 km south of Florence (regional capital) and 235 km north-northwest of Rome, the capital of Italy. Siena features a humid subtropical climate.


History of Siena:

According to the archeological findings, Sine was initially inhabited by the Saina tribe during the Etruscan civilization. Later it was occupied by the Roman Empire, founded as a town under the name Saena Julia. A splendid Siena Cathedral dates back to the 12th century.


How to reach Siena?

Siena is served by an airport with few scheduled flights, so it is advised for international tourists to reach Florence Airport or Pisa Airport first and then take taxi or bus from there to the Siena city.

The Florence International Airport is located around 85 km from Siena and Pisa International Airport is situated about 150 km from Siena with scheduled flights from and to major European cities including London.

There are regular buses plying between Siena and Florence, taking around an hour and 30 minutes and costs €7.10. Siena is also connected by bus to Pisa and Rome.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Siena:

The Palio Horse Race is held twice a year and the Siena Jazz Festival is celebrated during the summer.

Shops are abundant along with traditional markets and the best food corners in Siena include:

  • La Torre
  • Osteria Nonna Gina
  • Osteria Sotto le Fonti
  • Osteria del Gatto


What to do in Siena?

  • Festival celebrations
  • Day tours
  • Shopping


Tourist attractions in Siena:

Siena Cathedral:

The Siena Cathedral is a must visit site in Siena, located in Piazza del Duomo. This superb medieval church is devoted to Santa Maria Assunta and was constructed between 1215 and 1263.


Piccolomini Palace

Located in Piazza del Campo in Siena, the Piccolomini Palace houses some important official records of Siena and was constructed in the year 1459 and designed by the famous architect Bernardo Rossellino.


Palazzo Pubblico:

The Palazzo Pubblico is a city hall of Siena, dates back to around 800 years. It is very well known for its renowned frescos including the Simone Martini and Duccio’s frescos. It is in the Piazza del Campo of Siena.


Other tourist attractions in Siena include:

  • Biblioteca Piccolomini
  • Ecco La Cucina
  • Abbazia di San Galgano
  • Mangia Tower
  • Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana
  • Crypt of Siena Cathedral
  • Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala
  • La Foce
  • Basilica di San Domenico
  • Casa di Santa Caterina
  • Piazza del Mercato
  • Fortezza di Radicofani
  • All’Orto de’ Pecci
  • Santa Maria dei Servi
  • Pinacoteca Nazionale


When to visit Siena?

From July to August and October to November is the best time to travel Siena while many grand festivals take place including the International Jazz Festival.


Where to stay in Siena?

Siena houses all sorts of accommodation centers ranging from camping options to star rated hotels with latest tourist favor facilities and services. Here listed are some fine hotels in Siena:

  • Palazzo di Valli
  • Aia Mattonata Relais
  • Hotel Villa Elda
  • Hotel Athena
  • Hotel Santa Caterina
  • Grand Hotel Continental Siena
  • Hotel San Marco
  • Villa Scacciapensieri
  • Hotel Alma Domus
  • Hotel Villa Liberty
  • Hotel La Colonna
  • Sangallo Park Hotel
  • Piccolo Hotel Etruria
  • MAX Hotel Executive
  • Certosa di Maggiano

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