Places to Visit in Montecatini Terme, Italy, Europe

Places to Visit in Montecatini Terme, Italy, Europe

Montecatini Terme is a town as well as district situated in the Pistoia province of Italy. It comes under the Tuscany region, is located around 15 km from Pistoia, 50 km from Florence and 325 km from the national capital, Rome.

The economy of Montecatini Terme is concentrated on the rich tourism, especially on the thermal spas and in recent years, industries around the spa are also contributing well for Montecatini Terme’s economy.


Geography of Montecatini Terme:

Covering an area of 17 sq. km, Montecatini Terme is located between latitude 43°52′58″ in the north and longitude 10°46′16″ in the east at an elevation of 29 meters.


History of Montecatini Terme:

Montecatini Terme has been inhabited since the Paleolithic times. It geared up towards developments with establishment of many restaurants, nightclubs and hotels in the beginning of the 20th century.


How to reach Montecatini Terme?

Florence Airport is the nearest airport to Montecatini Terme, located about 40 km away with scheduled flight services to the major European cities such as Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Paris, Vienna, London, Geneva, Zürich, Barcelona and Nantes.

The Galileo Galilei Airport is situated about 60 km away from Montecatini Terme.

Tourists can get taxi at the airport or use frequent bus services.

For local travel, taxis, rental cars and bikes are useful options other than public buses.


Food and Shopping in Montecatini Terme:

The Grocco Market is an ideal site for traditional shopping and Corso Roma, Viale Verdi and Corso Matteotti are other major shopping corners in Montecatini Terme.

The famous food corners with both Italian and international dishes are listed below:

  • Gelateria L’Altromare
  • La Mia Gelateria da Gomma
  • Trattoria le Prunecce
  • Pellegrini’s Osteria Moderna
  • Le Grand Cafe D’Europa


Things to do in Montecatini Terme:

  • Driver in Italy Private Day Tours
  • Gusto Cycling Day Tours
  • Shopping
  • Hiking


Places to see in Montecatini Terme:


Thermal springs in Montecatini Terme:

Montecatini Terme is renowned for its thermal springs with medicinal properties which are widely used for treatment for people having liver or skin diseases.


Tettuccio Terme:

The Tettuccio Terme is the most popular spa in Montecatini Terme receiving a large group of tourists and patients for its healthy and authentic services. Leopold of Habsburg – Lorraine, the Grand Duke of Tuscany was the founder of this spa, established in the 18th century. The spa is situated Viale Verdi of Montecatini Terme.


Montecatini Terme’s town hall:

The town hall of Montecatini Terme is a historical structure now for typical constructions and grand event celebrations.


List of other places of interest in Montecatini Terme includes:

  • Gelateria da Riccardo
  • Funicolare Cablecar Railway
  • Parrucchieri Bruno E Luca
  • Montecatini Golf Club
  • Gambrinus Music Cafe
  • Grotta Giusti Terme
  • Estetica Shangri-La
  • Portobello Road W11 di G&G
  • 84 Sportklub


Best time to visit Montecatini Terme:

The months between April and October are ideal to enjoy holidays in Montecatini Terme while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options in Montecatini Terme:

Tourists can choose any kind of accomodation options in Montecatini Terme for healthy staying and price for hotel rooms vary on the facilities and services provided by such hotels. Some amenities offered by such hotels are private parking, swimming pool, tennis court meeting room and lounge bar. The major hotels in Montecatini Terme include:

  • La Pia Hotel
  • Hotel La Riviera
  • Hotel Torretta
  • Hotel Savoia e Campana
  • Hotel Reale
  • Hotel Ercolini & Savi
  • Hotel Francia e Quirinale
  • Grand Hotel Tamerici & Principe
  • Hotel Parma e Oriente
  • Hotel Da Vinci
  • Croce Di Malta Montecatini GH
  • Albergo Natucci
  • Adua & Regina di Saba Hotel
  • Hotel Minerva Palace
  • Hotel Nizza Et Suisse


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