Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Houei Say, Laos, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Houei Say, Laos, Asia

Houeisay also known as Houay Xai or Ban Houayxay is the capital city of Bokeo Province of Laos, located at a coordinates 20° 16′ N 100° 24′ E. It is located on the banks of River Mekong, about 926 km northeast of national capital Vientiane. Houeisay has an agriculture based economy and houses several good educational institutions and top tourist destinations as well.


Culture, Cuisine and shopping in Ban Houayxay:

More than 95% of people living in Houayxay are Buddhists and the people speak Lao along with Chinese and Thai. The natives are the great lover of music and dance and they organize cultural events every month at major cultural centres of the city.

The commonly used staple food in the regions of Houayxay include fish, meat, pork and poultry, papaya salad, a spicy mix of green papaya, lime juice and fish sauce, and chicken tikka is very famous dish among the natives of Houayxay.

Houayxay houses the food corners from Thai, Chinese and Vietnam and also home to handicrafts and archeological items, wool cloth shops, juice corners and jewelry. The famous food corners in Houayxay are as follows:

  • Daauw Home
  • Dream Bakery
  • Khongvab Duck BBQ
  • The Latsuly Return


Connectivity to Houeisay:

Houeisay is well connected by all the major transport facilities like road, air and boat with surrounding regions. Houeisay is served by ‘Houeisay Airport’ with weekly services to national capital Vientiane on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

There are buses accessible at around 9-10 am to Kunming and also one can board buses of nearby regions at Houeisay Town Bus Stand and other nearby bus junctions. Slow boat and speedboat services are accessible to Chiang Khong, Thailand from Houay Xai. Bike and Taxi are available for rent to move within the city and to reach surrounding areas.


Places to see in Houeisay:

Wat Jom Khao Manilat:

Wat Jom Khao Manilat is a very famous historical temple in Houayxay and it is believed that, the temple was built in the year 1880.


Wat Khonekeo Xaiyaram:

Wat Khonekeo Xaiyaram is prime temple famous for its red, gold, and green doors and pillars situated in Houayxay.


Wat Thadsuvanna Pkakham:

Wat Thadsuvanna Pkakham is one of the holy places of Buddhists placed in Houayxay and eight gilded Buddhas is the main attraction of the temple.


Bokeo Nature Reserve:

Bokeo Nature Reserve is major reserves of black-cheeked gibbon in Laos located near Houayxay Town. Apart from black-cheeked gibbon, the reserve is home to wild water buffalo, bears and elephants. The reserve is positioned at a height of about 1000 meters from the mean level of sea and occupies an area of 1,230 sq. km.


Other tourist attractions near Houeisay include:

  • Donesao Hill Tribe Cultural Garden
  • Wat Keophone Savanthanaram
  • Fort Carnot


Best time to visit Houeisay:

October to May is the best time to travel around Houayxay.


Accommodation options in Houeisay:

Houayxay is home to several famous hotels and guest houses, provide food from the different regions of the globe. Other specialties include hot water bath, laundry, air ticket booking, vehicle parking, conference hall, garden area, doctor on call, free Wi-Fi, pick up and drop to airport and security service. The prominent hotels and guest houses in and around Houeisay are as follows:

  • Thaveesinh Hotel
  • Khopchai Guesth House
  • Mittaphab Guesthouse
  • Oudompone Hotel
  • Daauw Home
  • Sabaydee Guest House
  • Oudomphone Guesthouse 2
  • Gateway Villa Hotel
  • Manirath Guesthouse
  • Friendship Guesthouse

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