Tourist Places to Visit in Niigata, Japan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Niigata, Japan, Asia

Niigata is a city located in Niigata Prefecture and is one of the most populated cities located in northwest coast of Honshu bound by Sea of Japan and Sado Island. Niigata covers a total area of 726.09 sq kms and is well known for its renowned universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, best transport services, famous personalities and events. Niigata coordinates with 37.54’ degree North Latitude and 139.2’ degree East Longitude.


Niigata History:

Historical evidences tells that Niigata was inhabited since the Jomon period dating back to 647 A.D. Niigata prospered under the rule of Uesugi Kenshin during Sengoku Period and many canals were built during 17th century where trade flourished as major seaport was opened during this period. During the Second World War, American Airforce attacked Niigata as the city was bombarded by consecutive attacks which rocked the city of Niigata. Another major tragedy occurred in Niigata when a severe earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale rattled the city causing large scale destruction to life and property.


Tourist attractions in Niigata:

Niigata Botanical Gardens:

Niigata Botanical Gardens are one of the most highly visited tourist hubs in this part of the city which has a collection of many medicinal trees and plants like Ikabena and bonsai which are kept for public display as well as for sale. Many local and international tourists visit the garden all round the year.


Toki Messe:

Toki Messe is one of the tallest structures situated in Niigata which has an observation deck on the 34th floor that provides good overview of the city. Toki Messe also houses an international convention center and has a hotel, restaurant, an art museum and offices of several MNC’s companies.


Niigata Aquarium:

The aquarium has vast collection of some of the rare species of fishes and marine creatures like eels, walrus, seals which attracts many visitors all round the year.


Niigata Art Center:

This is famous for conducting local traditional Japanese art namely geishas that attracts lots of tourists from all parts of the country.


Other attractions in Niigata are:

  • Minato Pier Niigata City History Museum
  • Hakusan Shrine
  • Bandai Bridge
  • Big Swan Stadium
  • Toyanogata Park
  • Niigata Horse Racecourse
  • Cave D’occi Winery
  • Northern Culture Museum
  • Niigtata Rice Cracker Museum
  • The Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum
  • Uwasekigata Park


Culture, Festivals, people and cuisines in Niigata:

Niigata is very rich in traditional culture and heritage as many major events and festivals like Niigata Festival, Niigata Comic Market and Niigata Manga Competetion are celebrated in a large scale. Niigata is also well known for some of the noted artist, musicians, celebrities and movie actors who hail from this part of the city. Niigata offers some of the local traditional cuisines like noodles, soups and menus prepared out of rice. Many kinds of seafood like shrimps, prawns, octopus, oysters, tuna and sushi are also prepared by the locals staying in Niigata.


Weather in Niigata:

Niigata has humid subtropical weather patterns which has high humidity content in the atmosphere. The weather is rather hot and sultry during summers with hot breeze blowing across Niigata from Sea of Japan. Niigata faces severe cold wave weather conditions during the month of February where the minimum temperature may fall to low of -0 degrees. At times the region also receives heavy snowfalls.


Connectivity to Niigata in Japan:

Niigata is well connected by road, rail and air modes of transport to several major cities located in Japan. Abundant bus services are available from Niigata to Tokyo, Yokohama and other cities lying in Honshu. Niigata is also well connected by railways as many local trains pass through Niigata Railway Station at regular intervals. Niigata Airport is approx 6 kms north of the city which has direct flight connections to Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Seoul and Nagasaki on daily and weekly basis.


Hotels in Niigata:

Niigata has some fine hotels famous for dining that range from 1 star to 7 star offering some high class of luxury services to the tourists seeking accommodation facilities in such hotels situated in Niigata. The hotels have all latest amenities and services like free internet connection, elevators, escalators, personel swimming pools with individual temperature control system, doctors on call, airport shuttle and sauna. List of hotels located in Niigata are as follows:


  • Hotel Diasmont Niigatanishi
  • Dormy Inn Niigata
  • Hotel Nikko Niigata
  • Niigata Keihin Hotel
  • Hotel Sunroute Niigata
  • Chisun Hotel & Conference Center Niigata
  • Hotel Okura Niigata
  • Terminal Art Inn Hotel
  • Hotel Chisun Inn Niigatachuo Interchange
  • ANA Crowne Plaza Niigata
  • Hotel Niigata Tokyu Inn
  • Court Hotel Niigata

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