Tourist Places to Visit in Holhol, Ali Sabieh, Djibouti, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Holhol, Ali Sabieh, Djibouti, Africa

Holhol is a town belonging to the Ali Sabieh Region of Djibouti, lying around 470 meters above sea level. It is in the southeastern apart of the country, around 30 km northeast of the regional capital, Ali Sabieh and 50 km southwest of the regional capital, Djibouti City. Holhol is the 7th largest city of Djibouti in terms of population. Holhol is geographically positioned between 11°19′ N latitude and 42°56′ E longitude, receiving heavy rain during winter months and its average annual temperature is 27.6 °C. July is the hottest month in the while the temperature reaches up to 39°C.


Conenctivity to Holhol:

There is no airport in Holhol, so international tourists are needed to reach Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport in the capital city, Djibouti City, where taxis are generally accessible and also one can use minibus service for inexpensive airport travel to cross the distance of 40 km between the airport and Holhol. This airport covers many Middle East cities including Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and Sana’a as well as the European cities like Istanbul and Paris.

Holhol also can be reached by a private transfer from Djibouti City.

For local travel in Djibouti City, minibuses and rental cars are the options.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Holhol:

The Afro-Asiatic-speaking ethnic groups’ people are the major parts of the town’s population, covering nearly complete population of the town.

There are shops and restaurants limited to traditional options and for modern options, visitors can head towards Djibouti City.


Things to do in Holhol:

  • Hiking
  • Village tours
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Holhol:


Holhol Railway Bridge:

The Holhol Railway Bridge or viaduct was constructed in the year 1900 and measures a length of 45 meters and height of 29 meters. It can be reached by walk or rental vehicle.


Ali Sabieh:

Ali Sabieh is a nearby town of Holhol, located around 30 km away from the Holhol town centre. The town is renowned for the Ali Sabieh Mountain which is a symbolic mountain on which the national emblem of Djibouti was depicted. The town also houses the 3 sport facilities including a basketball court.


Lagarde Park:

The Lagarde Park is a renowned recreational centre in Djibouti City, located around 50 km away from Holhol. The park is also famous among tourists and locals as a sightseeing point.

The Presidential Palace of Djibouti:

The Presidential Palace of Djibouti is the official residence of the President of Djibouti. It overlooks the Overlooking the Gulf of Tadjoura, is well known for its striking constriction and lucid surrounding environment. It is located in Djibouti City.


Hamoudi Mosque:

The Hamoudi Mosque is a landmark mosque in Djibouti City, located around 50 km away from Holhol. The famous personally, Haji Hamoudi was the founder of this magnificent historic structure, founded in 1906.


Other places of interest in and around Holhol include:

  • Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport
  • Mosquée Saoudi
  • Djibouti Kitesurf
  • ISSS Faculty of Medicine
  • University of Djibouti
  • Port of Djibouti
  • Grande Pecherie
  • Dolphin Excursions Djibouti
  • The Djibouti National Assembly
  • Khor Ambado Beach
  • Place Menelik


Best time to visit Holhol:

Throughout the year is best, especially from November to February is the ideal time to visit Holhol.


Accommodation options in Holhol:

Holhol doesn’t have any reputed hotels, so one can consider hotels of Djibouti City to have standard hospitality services with all latest amenities. Here are some such accommodation options in Djibouti (around 50 km away from Holhol):

  • Hotel Menelik
  • Djibouti Palace Kempinski
  • Lagon Bleu Village
  • Hotel la Siesta
  • Auberge le Heron
  • Sheraton Djibouti Hotel
  • Les Acacias Hotel Djibouti
  • Hotel Horseed
  • Hotel Dar Es Salam
  • Hotel Residence de l’Europe
  • Residence Hotel Bellevue
  • Imperial Resort And Red Sea Hotel
  • Hotel Bellevue

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