Tourist Places to Visit in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, Asia

Dambulla is a town located in Matale District in Central Province of Sri Lanka placed between 7°51′24″ N latitude 80°38′57″ E longitude. It is located about 148 km northeast of national capital Colombo and is the heart of vegetables circulation in Sri Lanka.


Major landmarks in Dambulla:

  • Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium
  • Dambulla Cave Temple


History of Dambulla:

Dambulla was earlier called as Dhamballai was ruled by several famous kings namely Raja Raja Chola and Rajendra Chola. Dambulla Cave Temple is the very ancient historical temple of Dambulla.


Connectivity to Dambulla:

Dambulla is well connected with road and airway. One can board buses at Dambulla Town Bus Stand and other local bus terminals to reach Colombo and Kandy cities. Also several jeeps and tourist vehicles are accessible to tourist destinations and nearby regions of Dambulla.

The nearest railway station to Dambulla is Negama Railway Station in Anuradhapura located about 35 kms away from the town.

Dambula Oya Tank Airport is situated 2 kms away. Other nearest airports include Hingurakgoda Airport (58 kms), Anuradhapura Airport (63 kms) and Victoria Resevour Kandy Airport (69 kms).


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Dambulla:

Dambulla is a historical place well known for Dambulla Cave Temple and is visited by both Hindu and Buddhist religion people for its holiness. The people of Dambulla are the great lovers of traditional music and dance and annually there are numerous cultural programs and competitions arranged by the natives at major cultural centres and temples of the town.

The population covers higher majority of Buddhists people, followed by Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Cricket is the very famous sport in Dambula and the town houses Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium.

Food available at the hotels of Dambulla is really mouthwatering and the hotels serve customers with varieties of Western and Indian food along with traditional Sri Lankan dishes. Koola’ya, Pittu, Weli Thalapa, Bibikkan, Undu Walalu and Kokis are very popular eateries of Dambulla.

The shopping sector of Dambulla is very big and the city houses all the types of shops selling handicraft, jewelry, gadgets, clothes, shoes and hardware. One can purchase handicraft products at very low price at the shops located in the heart of the city.


Tourist Attractions in Dambulla:


Dambulla cave Temple:

Dambulla Cave Temple is the major attraction of Dambulla is located few kilometers away from the city.5 beautiful small caves are the prime attractions of the cave and these caves are designed with statues and paintings of Buddha. Dambulla cave Temple houses more than 153 Buddha statues, three Sri Lankan Kings statues and 2 statues of Ganesha and God Vishnu.


Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium:

Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium is the international cricket stadium constructed within 167 days.


Other tourist attractions near Dambulla include:

  • Dambulla The Golden Rock Temple
  • Kandalama Wewa Reservoir
  • The Temple of the Tooth
  • Royal Botanical Garden
  • Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage
  • New Ranweli Spice Garden
  • Bahirawakanda Temple
  • Udawattakele Royal Forest Sanctuary
  • The Tea Museum


Best time to visit Dambulla:

From June to September is the ideal time to visit Dambulla.


Accommodation Options in Dambulla:

The famous well facilitated hotels in Dambulla Town are listed below.

  • Kassapa Lions Rock
  • Amaya Lake Hotel
  • Heritance Kandalama Hotel
  • Brook Boutique Hotel & Spa
  • Thilanka Resort And Spa
  • Regalia Hotel
  • Hotel Suwahasa
  • Hotel Suwahasa
  • Chanara Kandalama Hotel
  • Jetwing Vil Uyana
  • Sigiriya Village
  • Nice Place Hotel

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