Tourist Places to Visit in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Bageshwar is a metropolis in Uttarakhand, India. One can find numerous shrines devoted to lord Shiva. Since it is positioned on the foot hills of the mountain adventurers one can relish mountaineering, trekking, sightseeing and camping. There are so countless glaciers all over the place which can be discovered for their natural waters. It houses some of the most popular temples such as Thingal Bhairav Temple, Hanuman Temple and Bagnath Temple which has enticed people across India.

History of Bageshwar

Bageshwar has a magnificent past that can be tracked back to many centuries. Bageshwar gets its name from the primeval shrine of lord Shiva which is positioned at the core of the city. Conferring to widespread mythical folktales it is said that lord Shiva had visited this place and thus has become popular and significant abode of pilgrimage for Shiva parishioners.

Tourist Attractions in Bageshwar


Baijnath is placed approximately 26 km from Bageshwar. It is a significant place equally in standings with religious conviction and the past. It is sited on Gwaldam motorway, on the banks of watercourse Gomti in Katyuri Vale. This province was once the center of Katyuri dynasty and the antediluvian shrines of the place are spectators of that eon.

The longstanding sanctuary of Shiva is eminent for the idol of Deity Parvati. An additional exact significant shrine is the Kotkimai sanctuary placed about 8 km from Baijnath. On the way to the core of the holy place one can also find yet another temple of Bamani with a statue of Shiva. The chief shrine is dedicated to Baijnath or Vaidhyanatha (alternative title of Shiva). The temple can be gained access by the staircases made of stones which were erected by Katyuri Queen.

Kanda is set about 25 km from Bageshwar. It is a stunning site on Bageshwar Chaukori lane. Kanda has gained its title from this background and frequently appeals to the environment lovers. Sanctuary of Bhadrakali is also positioned very nearby.

Placed at an elevation of 1500-1900 meters above marine level, this hill posting is bounded by tiered arenas and highlands. Conferring to primordial mythologies the earliest populaces of this place subsisted in a local status named Kanyal.
Chandika Temple

This sanctuary is sited roughly 1.5 km from Bageshwar and is committed to the Hindu Divinity Chandika. This shrine is suspended on the crest of a highland and each time on the marvelous occurrence of Navaratras the believers assemble here to offer holy rites to the Hindu Deity.


Sri Haru Temple

Sri Haru Sanctuary is placed just around 5 kms from Bageshwar. Aficionados have belief that requests are rewarded by Spirit and the litanies under no circumstances go in futile. Each time a chief centenary is held at vast on the positive occurrence of Vijaya Dashmi day following the Navratras.

Pindari Glacier

The fabulous glacier is positioned in the Pinder Dale at an elevation of 3,353 meters amongst the Nanda Devi and Kot highlands. The glacier is a voyager’s utopia as it is one of the most smoothly available of all the Himalayan glaciers. The craggy splendor of the glacier grants a breathtaking spot. The color of Pindari Glacier is very white and Pinder River evolving from it is a spectacle to observe.

Places of interest in and around Bageshwar

  • Gauri Udiyar
  • Vijaypur
  • Pandustal
  • Bagnath Temple
  • Gauri Udiyar


Best season to visit Bageshwar

The best season to visit is October to May. The summer is discreetly hot but temperature may rise at times. The monsoon season is very humid and intolerable. The winters are abnormally cold.

Accessibility to Bageshwar

By Road: Bageshwar is directly connected to Nainital. Public and private transportations provide ample of busses to the city.

By Train: The adjoining railhead is at Kathgodam town and gets direct trains from major towns across India.

By Air: The nearest airport to Bageshwar is Jolly grant airport at Dehradun. It is directly associated to particular metropolises through domestic flights.

Accommodations in Bageshwar

Bageshwar is one of the famous pilgrimage and tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. Bageshwar has some fine distinguished boardinghouses, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide many conveniences and the pricelists differ from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and contented stay of the tourists.List of hotels locates in Bageshwar are as follows:

  • Suramya Retreat
  • Pratiksha Himalayan Retreat
  • Chevron Eco Lodge
  • Suman Royal Resort
  • Krishna Hotels& Resorts
  • Binsar Retreat
  • Haridarshan Resort
  • Kasaar Jungle Resort
  • Blossom Retreat
  • Kalmatia Sangam
  • Binsar Eco Camp
  • Kausani Resort
  • Kumaon Vistas
  • Grand Oak Manor
  • Nanda Devi Resort
  • Windsor Lodge

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