Tourist Places in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India

Tourist Places in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India

Yavatmal is a municipal town situated in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra in India. Yavatmal District covers an area of 13,584 sq. km. and Yavatmal Town is the district headquarters of Yavatmal District. Yavatmal lies between latitude 20.4° in the north and longitude 55.00° in the east.

Yavatmal is situated about 745 kms from Mumbai and about 613 km northeast of Pune City. The Postal Code of Yavatmal begins from 445001.

Yavatmal District is bound by Amravati district in the north, Hingoli district to the west, Chandrapur district to the east, Nanded district towards southwest, Wardha district on the northeast and Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh towards southeast.

Yavatmal is popularly known as ‘Cotton City’ because of its larger production of cotton and houses numerous small and medium scale industries. Also Yavatmal is famous for its educational institutions like Dr. Bhausaheb Nandurkar College of Engineering & Technology and Jawaharlal Darda Engineering and Technical Institute.


History of Yavatmal:

The name Yavatmal derives from two Marathi words Yavat means ‘mountain’ and mal means ‘row’. The total meaning of Yavatmal is ‘mountain row’. Yavatmal was earlier known as Yeotmal.

Maratha Empire was the founder of Yavatmal. Yavatmal was ruled by Bahmani Sultans during 14th century, Mughal Empire during 16th century, Nagpur Rulers during 18th century and British East India Company ruled up till India’s Independence.


Language and culture of Yavatmal:

Marathi is the official and a widely spoken language in Yavatmal. Along with Marathi the locals speak Gondi, Hindi, Sindhi Marwari, Telugu, Kolami and Gormati Language. Gond Raja, Gond Pardhan, Kolam, Aandh and Banjara tribal communities residing in Yavatmal.

Shri Chintamani Fair, Shri Dutt Jayanti Fair and Shri Rangnaath Swamy Fair are the prominent festivals celebrated in Yavatmal. Also the natives celebrate the famous festivals like Dasara, Bakari-Eid, Ramzaan Eid, Gudi Padwa and Diwali with great fervor.


Connectivity to Yavatmal:

National Highway 7 passes through Yavatmal connects it with Vadki, Karanji, Pandharkawada, Patanbori, Kelapur, Nagpur and Hyderabad cities. MSRTC provides bus transportation services all around the Yavatmal and buses are easily accessible at Yavatmal Town Bus Stand and other local bus junctions.

There are daily train services available to Mumbai and Pune from Yavatmal Railway Station sited within the town. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur is the closest airport to Yavatmal.


Places to see in Yavatmal:


Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary:

Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 324 sq. km. located in Umarkhed Taluk. The three sides of the sanctuary is covered by Painganga River and the sanctuary is home to fox, chinkara, four horned antelope, black-buck, leopard, Nilgai, sambar, hare, tiger and jackal.

Tourists can also see the beautiful birds like bulbul, roller, dove, jungle owl, cuckoo, kite, eagle, kingfisher, vulture and pigeon in this wildlife sanctuary. Between January and June is the ideal time to visit Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary.


Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is widely popular for its rich flora and fauna occupies an area of 148 sq. km. situated in Pandharkawada Tehsil. This sanctuary houses variety of animals like wild cat, sambar, hare, monkey, bear, wolf, jackal, blue-bell, chital and black-buck.

Adilabad Railway Station and Yavatmal Railway Station are the major railway stations located near Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The nearest bus stand to this sanctuary is Pandharkawada Bus Station located 23 km away. The months of summer season is the ideal time to visit Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.



Wani is a town situated in Yavatmal District on the banks of Nirguda River. Shri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a prime attraction of Wani visited by thousands of tourists from all around the district during Chaitra and Palguna months.


Waghadi River:

Waghadi River flows through Yavatmal District and is a tributary of Painganga River. This river flows with full of water in the monsoon season gives a good feel to the eyes of tourists.



Kalamb is a village famous for its underground Chintamani Ganesh Temple lies on the banks of the Chakravarti River. Chintamani Ganesh Temple is visited by most numbers of devotees during the annual fair organized during Magha masam. The sacred water reservoir ‘Ganesh Kunda’ is situated in the vicinity of Chintamani Ganesh Temple.


Other top tourist centres in Yavatmal are:

  • Arni
  • Rajur
  • Umarkhed
  • Ner
  • Ghatanji
  • Pophali
  • Umari
  • Patanbori
  • Babhulgaon
  • Darwha
  • Ralegaon


Best time to visit Yavatmal:

During the months of winter season is the ideal time to visit Yavatmal because of its healthy weather and also there is annual fair organized in the major temples of Yavatmal in these months.


Accommodation options in Yavatmal:

Hotels in Yavatmal provide quality hospitality services with different facilities like car parking, doctor on call and air ticket booking. The major hotels in Yavatmal are:

  • Gyanson Deluxe Hotel
  • Revati Pride Hotel
  • Hotel Dwarka Deluxe
  • Hotel Suraj
  • Revati Pride Hotel
  • Ashok Hotel
  • Hotel Blue Moon & Wine Bar
  • Mid Town Hotel
  • Sahyandri Resort

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