Top Tourist Places to Visit in Simunye, Swaziland, South Africa, Africa

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Simunye, Swaziland, South Africa, Africa

Simunye is a town in the southeastern African country, Swaziland, located near the Lubombo Mountains, around 30 kilometers from the South Africa-Swaziland border. It is situated around 55 km northeast of the district capital, Siteki and around 140 km northeast of Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland. Simunye is home of the renowned soccer club Royal Leopards F.C.

Simunye itself is a nature reserve, bounded to the west by the country’s largest national park, Hlane National Park and to the north by Mlawula Nature Reserve. Due to its lush vegetation and opportunities of different outdoor activities, Simunye has become famous as one of the best holiday destinations in Swaziland.


Travelling Simunye:

The Matsapha Airport is the only airport of Swaziland and closest to Simunye, located around 110 km southeast of the heart of Simunye. The airport is served by Swaziland Airlink and Airlink with scheduled flights from Johannesburg in South Africa.

There is a car rental at the airport and also visitors can use minibus service to reach Simunye from the airport that is cost-effective. Minibuses are also the prevalent option to get around Simunye.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Simunye:

Simunye houses one of the prominent football clubs in the country Royal Leopards F.C, which has become champion many times in the different national leagues.

Visitors can be found restaurant and shops at all the major hotels in and around Simunye. There are also many independent options in Simunye.


What to do in Simunye?

  • Hiking
  • Game drives
  • Mountain biking
  • Quad biking
  • Fishing


What to see in Simunye?


Simunye Nature Reserve:

The Simunye Nature Reserve is contiguous with Mlawula Nature Reserve and Shewula Nature Reserve, the latter is detached from Mlawula by the Mbuluzi River. The park is a heaven for nature enthusiasts, offering different adventurous activities that can be experienced best through a guided tour.


Mlawula Nature Reserve:

The Mlawula Nature Reserve is a 16,500 hectares park adjoining Simunye Nature Reserve, home to around 350 bird species. Visitors can also involve themselves in mountain biking, quad biking, fishing, game drives, hiking and many other outdoor activities in the park.


Hlane National Park:

Spanning over an area of 30,000 hectares, the Hlane National Park is the Swaziland’s largest national park, housing dozens of animal species, including elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffe, zebras and lions. The park has camping facility and there are also many tour organizers, who lead visitors to enjoy safe and memorable safari.


Other interesting places in and around Simunye include:

  • Manzimyame Protected Landscape
  • Mhlume Sugar Company
  • Mantenga Nature Reserve
  • University of Swaziland
  • Indingilizi Gallery
  • National Museum of Swaziland
  • Grace Christian Fellowship International Church
  • Royal Swazi Sun Hotel
  • Hawane Nature Reserve
  • Blue Lagoon Leisure Park
  • Ezulwini Handicrafts Centre
  • Mkhaya Game Reserve
  • Somhlolo National Stadium
  • King Sobhuza II Memorial Park


Best time to visit Simunye:

Simunye is a year round destination, experiencing warm climate year round and the best time to visit Simunye is from June and August.


Accommodation options in Simunye:

Simunye offers many nice accommodation centres for those coming to area to explore the real natural beauty of Swaziland. All hotels in the area provide the blend of traditional and modern facilities to spread up local culture among visitors. Apart from amenities, they are also well versed in serving visitors with mouthwatering Swazi and international delicacies. Some recommended hotels in and around Simunye include:

  • Simunye Country Club
  • Singwe Lodge
  • Mphangele Lodge
  • Mbuluzi Tented Lodge
  • Mbuluzi Campsite
  • Tambuti Tented Camp
  • Nkhankanka Lodge
  • Shewula Mountain Camp
  • Mabuda Farm
  • Mhlume Country Club and Lodge
  • Steenbok Guest House
  • Lituba Lodge
  • Steenbok Guesthouse
  • Asante Animal Farm Getaway
  • Gibela Getaway

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