Top Tourist Places to Visit in Gzira, Malta, Europe

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Gzira, Malta, Europe

Gzira is a town situated on the Malta Island in the country of Malta covering an area of 1.0 sq. km. It has got relatively more importance than other Maltese towns, because of its nearness with the University of Malta and the country capital, Valletta. Gzira is a pleasant town with very low crime rate, housing a college, schools and natural as well as manmade tourist attractions.


Geography of Gzira:

Gzira is geographically positioned between 35°54′18″ N latitude and14°29′40″ E longitude, around 5 km northwest of the national capital, Valletta.


History of Gzira:

The literal meaning of Gzira in the Maltese language is “island” which comes from adjoining Manoel Island. Gzira began to grow as a residential settlement in the mid-19th century with a foundation of villa by Chevalier Jacob Tagliaferro. Following this house, the number of houses in Gzira increased.


How to reach Gzira?

As like other Maltese cities and towns, Gzira is served by Malta International Airport, the only airport of Malta situated around 8 km south of Gzira.

Malta Airport has connection to all the major European cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Geneva, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Athens, St Petersburg, Budapest, Dublin and Edinburgh.

For airport travel, one can refer taxi or pre-booked vehicles and also generally buses are also accessible near the airport.

There are travel agencies many in Gzira offering cars and bikes for rent on day or hour or week basis.


Food and Shopping in Gzira:

Gzira houses many modernized as well as traditional shops and for better shopping experience, tourists can visit neighboring Valletta city.

Some of well known food corners in Gzira are listed below:

  • 29 Clubhouse GUFCN
  • Times Gone By
  • The White Sheep
  • IL Tempio Divino
  • The View Wine Bar & Restaurant


Things to do in Gzira:

  • Boat riding
  • Shopping
  • Visiting historical sites


Tourist Attractions in Gzira:


The parish church of Gzira:

Devoted to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the parish church of Gzira is a religious icon of Gzira and there is a feast, Village Feast taking place on the 2nd of every July.


Fort Manoel:

The Fort Manoel is a historical fort located on the Manoel Island, near Gzira and was constructed between 1723 and 1755 by the Knights of Malta. It was heavily damaged during the Second World War and restored in 2010.


St George’s Chapel and Cemetery:

Located on the Manoel Island, the St George’s Chapel and Cemetery or Lazzaretto cemetery is reachable by foot or vehicle from the town of Gzira.


Other places of interest in and around Gzira include:

  • The Strand
  • Monument to Turu Rizzo
  • Testaferrata Gate
  • Yacht Marina
  • Monument to the Council of Europe
  • Lazzaretto Complex
  • NAAFI Building
  • Villa Gżira
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Orpheum Theatre
  • Drainage Pumping Station
  • National Pool Complex
  • The Four Evangelist Houses
  • The National War Museum
  • Church of Saint Paul’s Shipwreck
  • Valletta Waterfront


Best time to visit Gzira:

The months between May and September are best to trip scenic Gzira.


Accommodation options in Gzira:

Gzira is a picturesque town home to many standard accommodation centres categorized as hotels, vacation rentals, BB and inns. For more facilitated hotels, it is suggested for visitors to reach nearby Valletta city where several top class hotels are located. The prominent hotels in and around Gzira include:

  • 115 The Strand Aparthotel
  • The Waterfront Hotel
  • Hotel Kennedy Nova
  • Bayview Hotel & Apartments
  • Milano Due
  • Euro Guesthouse
  • NSTS Campus Residence and Hostel
  • Excelsior Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Phoenicia
  • Osborne Hotel
  • Grand Harbour Hotel
  • Etvan Hotel
  • Castille Hotel

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