Tena Tourist Places to Visit in Tena, Ecuador, America

Tena Tourist Places to Visit in Tena, Ecuador, America

Tena is the capital city of Napo Province in Ecuador situated in the Amazon rainforest at 0.9890° S 77.8159° W, around 185 km southeast of Quito, the capital of Ecuador and 425 km northeast of Guayaquil, the largest city of Ecuador.

Tena is a tourist’s favorite city offering different water sport activities including kayaking and rafting. Tena is also home to many tourist agencies, hotels, restaurants, a regional hospital, an airport and upgraded bus terminal as well. Lively nightlife of Tena attracts people, especially youngsters from the different regions of Ecuador and neighboring countries. The industrial sector of Tena is also highly emerging.


Geography of Tena:

Tena is placed about 500 meters above sea level receiving average annual rainfall of 4,359.91 mm.


How to reach Tena?

Teniente Coronel Luis a Mantilla International Airport serves Tena with commercial flights, is situated in the outskirts of the city.

There are buses available from Quito to Tena that take around 6 hours and cost $10USD per trip. Buses are also frequently available to move within the city.

Yellow truck-taxis are widely used for local travel and they generally charge US$1 to get around. Advance booking facility is available for all transportation including car, taxi and long distance buses and it can be made at any of the local travel agencies. Buses are cheaper compared to other vehicles.


Food and Shopping in Tena:

The major supermarket in Tena is Super Tia situated next to the bus terminal and is open from 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM on all the days of the week.

List of major food corners in Tena is:

  • Pizzeria Bella Selva
  • Marquis Grille
  • Cielito Lindo
  • All Deli Parrilla Restaurante


Things to do in Tena:

  • Jungle tour
  • Visit colonial sites
  • Hiking
  • AquaXtreme – Day Tours
  • Caveman Adventures
  • River People Rafting – Day Tours


Tourist Attractions in Tena:

Sumaco Volcano:

Situated in the Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, Sumaco Volcano is covered by dense forest. Tourists may find it difficult to reach Sumaco Volcano independently, so it is better to take a guided tour for easy exploration and guides are available in the local villages.


Jatun Sacha Biological Station:

The Jatun Sacha Biological Station is the 2nd largest conservation organization in the country conducting regular rainforest research. It is an ideal place to know about the rainforest.



Founded in 1560, Archidona is an ancient town situated 9 km north of Tena. Archidona is renowned for its cultural festivals that attract people from all around. Archidona is also home to a sculpted swimming pool, Isla de los monos.


Other places of interest near Tena include:

  • Cuevas de Jumandy
  • Misahuallí
  • Mariposero
  • Cascada de latas
  • Campococha
  • Museo kichwa
  • Nawpak Causay
  • Rios Ecuador
  • Jatunacu River
  • Amazoonico Animal Rescue Centre
  • Jondachi River
  • Lake Limoncocha
  • Comunidad Shiripuno


Best time to visit Tena:

Probably the beginning and ending months of the year will be ideal to trip Tena, where a minimum rainfall is recorded.


Accommodation options in Tena:

Tena houses all the kinds of accommodation options with latest amenities and services. The major hotels in Tena are as follows:

  • Yurapamba Jungle Resort
  • La Posada B&B
  • Hostal Tena Naui
  • Hostal Los Yutzos
  • Hotel Sirenis Amazonia
  • La CasaBlanca
  • Anaconda Lodge Ecuador
  • Hamadryade Lodge
  • Cotococha Amazon Lodge
  • La Casa del Abuelo
  • Suchipakari Jungle Lodge
  • Yacuma Ecolodge
  • Terra Luna Lodge
  • Amazanga Ecolodge & Native Spa
  • A Welcome Break Hostal
  • Arajuna Jungle Lodge

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