Pleasant Holidays in the Beaches Of Surat, Gujarat

Pleasant Holidays in the Beaches Of Surat, Gujarat

In the state of Gujarat, Surat is on the banks of the river Tapti and is famous for the historical buildings. You can find plenty of beaches scattered around this city. The main attraction of this city is its natural beauty. The tourists from all over the world visit Beaches of Surat. Every beach has its own charm and beauty that pulls the travelers to these beaches. The boundless sea surrounded by the swaying palm trees along with soft golden sand gives a beautiful view. Walking along the seashore watching the sunrise and sunset is the best view that cherishes forever.

Beaches Of Surat, Gujrat

Reaching  Surat: Reaching Surat is not a big task as you can find many transport facilities over here. In order to move to the beaches of Surat first thing you need to do is to reach at the major city of Surat. By air it is easy and the Surat airport is the closest one. And the railway station is in the eastern side of Surat. You can also find both the state and private buses moving to the beaches from all parts of the state.

Familiar Beaches of Surat

Umbhrat Beach 

Umbhrat Beach gujrat

You can find a huge number of tourists along the coastline of the Umbhrat beach, which is one of the beautiful beaches of Gujarat. This beach is situated in the southern part of Gujarat and is an element of Arabian Sea and is 25 miles away from the city. This beach is the ultimate place to hang out. This beach is a complete package of both peacefulness and serenity at this place. To spend your vacation with family and friends then Umbhrat beach is the perfect destination. Visiting this beach is extremely an annual retreat for everyone away from the buzz of township. Spend your vacation with family and friends at this exotic beach. Reaching here is very simple all you have to do is to get down at Maroli or the Navsari railway station and catch an auto rickshaw the local transport. You can also hire a taxi or the local cars from the city bus stand. You can find small hotels and restaurants for a stay at this place. And if you are a citizen of Umbhrat town then you need not have to worry about the accommodation you can find the “Toran” guesthouse that offers you with a comfy stay over by the State Government. It is better to stay in the government guesthouses than the private low budget hotels.

Hajira Beach

This beach is located at Hajira and is 28kms southwest of Surat. It is a pleasant, calm surrounded by the Casurina trees. It is an ideal retreat for a weekend hangout with your family. This beach is famous for the two wells that you can find here. These wells are rich in minerals. It holds the name of being a popular health resort as the availability of sulphur and iron is more in the 2 wells. There are many other beaches like the Tithal, Sanjan, Dumas and Suvali that surround this beach that you can visit.

Dumas Beach

surat_dumas_beach - Beaches Of Surat, Gujrat

This beach is located 21 kilometres (13 mi) Southwest of the City of Surat. It is a popular tourist destination in South Gujarat. Dumas Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted spots in India. This beach is famous for its black sand. It is a popular tourist destination in south Gujarat. Apart from the beach, places of interest at Dumas including the “Dariya Ganesh Temple” located adjacent to the main beach. The beach has black sand, and is notorious for incidents, such as people disappearing. howling sounds at night, Most of the natives say that the spirits walk down on the beach at night. To this day, there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity on the beach, where visitors claim to hear strange noises and voices, and loud laughter.

surat_dumas_beach - Beaches Of Surat, Gujrat

How to Reach Dumas Beach?

By Road: Surat lies 234 km from Ahmedabad, 131 km from Vadodara, and 297 km from Mumbai. Bus stations, both ST and private, are on the eastern edge of the city.

By Train: Train stations are also on the eastern edge of the city.

By Flight: Various domestic flights connecting metros and other major cities are operational from the Surat Airport.

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