Daman Diu Beaches in Gujarat, India

Daman Diu Beaches Gujarat, India

Are you tired with the normal life? Then pack your bags and ride your way to the beaches of Daman Diu that is located in the state of Gujarat. This elegant land with scenic beaches has attracted tourists from all over the world.

Located in a private atmosphere, Daman Diu beaches are an ideal destination for people who love peace and need refreshment. Swimming is safe here as the waters are calm and one can stroll on the golden sand and experience the difference. Walk along the seashore with your beloved ones watching the magical moments the sunrise and sunset. You can watch children indulged in collecting seashells and busy at making sand castles and taking pictures of their innovative models. If you are hungry then just walk into the small stalls found in the beachfront. Enjoy your day indulging in all the above activities.

Popular Beaches of Daman Diu:

Nagoa Beach:

Nagoa beach is situated just 30 drives from the Diu town and the most attractive part of the beach is regarding its shape. Horseshoe shaped beach and is the best place to relax and rejoice your vacation. You can find adventurous sports being played here that are main reason why people turn up to this beach.

Enjoy your day in taking part in all the water sports like para-sailing, water skiing, wind surfing, jet skiing and much more. Swimming need not have to be worried, as the waters are calm and cool. Lying down on the seashore with your favorite novel in your hand gives you a relaxing sensation or enjoys sailing on a boat.

Accommodation is easy as you can find many resorts and high, low budget hotels in a well-planned location. You can hotels like Radhika Beach Resort, Resort Hoka and many more that offer you with the best facility.

Devka & Jampore Beach:

Another beach in the northern parts of Daman by name Devka is known for its beauty and coming to the southern part is the Jampore beach. These beaches are cool and calm and you can come and feel the tranquility of these beaches.

If you are a person who love water, greenery, sun, sand all in all nature then don’t miss to visit this beach as it holds everything that you would love to see. Relax the whole day lying down with your books under the tree shades and take a walk along the seashore with your bellowed ones and experience the most romantic moments of your life. Swimming is safe and fun need not worry about safety, as the waters are calm.

For accommodation you can find hotels and resorts. Some of them are Jazira Hotel, De Daman, Hotel Miramar, Sandy Resort and many more. Feel the cool and calmness visiting these beaches.


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