Places to Visit in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, Asia

Places to Visit in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, Asia

Rajshahi is a major city and the divisional headquarters of Rajshahi Division located in Rajshahi District in Bangladesh. It is placed on the banks of Padma River spread over an area of 96.69 sq. km. Rajshahi City is located at a height of 18 meters above the mean level of sea and situated between 24°22′ N latitude and 88°36′ E longitude.

Rajshahi District is surrounded by Naogaon District in the north, Chapai Nababganj District to the south and Natore District towards east. Rajshahi District covers an area of 2,407.01 sq. km and features a tropical wet and dry climate.

Rajshahi is popularly called as ‘Silk City’ because of the larger presence of Rajshahi Silk factories. Watermelons, sugarcanes, mangoes and lichies are the major agricultural products grown and jute mills, textile mills and a sugar mill are the industries located in Rajshahi. Due to the existence of top rated educational institutions, Rajshahi is famously known as ‘Education City’ of Bangladesh.


History of Rajshahi:

Rajshahi was earlier called as Rampur Boalia. In 1876, Rajshahi Municipality was formed as a first municipality in the country and has been converted into a City Corporation in 1991.


Food and Shopping in Rajshahi:

The natives of Rajshahi cook food with lot of care and love. The popular sweet items of Rajshahi include Ras Malai, Rasgulla and Mishti Doi. 7-Layer Tea, Lime juice and sugar cane juice are the special types of drinkable items in Rajshahi. Bhorta, Biryani and Egg curry are very famous among the locals of Rajshahi.

Rajshahi Silk is very much famous in Rajshahi Division and the clothes made by Rajshahi Silk, looks very attractive and top in quality also. The famous shopping centres in Rajshahi include Nanking Shopping Mall, Index Plaza, Jamal Super Market, Horogram Bazar and Shal Bagan Bazar.


Connectivity to Rajshahi:

Rajshahi is one of the metropolitan cities in Bangladesh well connected with all the major cities of the country by road, railway and air transport facilities. There are plenty of luxury buses available to Dhaka City from Rajshahi City Bus Stand and it takes nearly 4 to 5 hours by road to reach Dhaka from Rajshahi.

Rajshahi Railway Station is one of the prime railway stations in the country situated 1.5 km away from the heart of Rajshahi City. Shah Makhdum Airport is the nearest airport placed 8 km away Rajshahi city centre. Tourists can choose bus, taxi cabs, horse-driven tomtom and auto rickshaws to move around the city.


Places to see in Rajshahi:


Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum:

Hazrat Shah Mokhdum is a majar located in Dargahpara in Rajshahi city. It built near the grave of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh in the memory of first Islam priest of Rajshahi Hazrat Shah Mokhdum Ruposh and is situated in the vicinity of shrine of Shah Turkan.


Varendra Research Museum:

Varendra Research Museum is an ancient museum located in the mid point of Rajshahi City. The library of the museum has a collection of 6000 manuscripts in different languages and 22,000 printed books and periodicals.


Shahid Qumruzzaman Central Park and Zoo:

Shahid Qumruzzaman Central Park and Zoo is a major attraction of Rajshahi. It is placed on the banks of Padma River and houses Shahid Zia children’s park’ within the premises. Rare species of animals can be seen in this park.



Horagram is famous region in Rajshahi well known for mango orchard Roy Para. Also it is very nearer to other beautiful tourist destinations.


Other tourist attractions near Rajshahi include:

  • Baliapukur
  • Bulonpur
  • Boro Bongram
  • Kazihata
  • Ranibazar
  • Kadirganj
  • Uposhahar
  • Shadhur Morre
  • Sopura


Ideal time to visit Rajshahi:

Throughout the year is best, especially November to February is the best time to holiday Rajshahi.


Accommodation options in Rajshahi:

Hotels at Rajshahi are well known for their top quality and upgraded hospitality services. The best hotels in Rajshahi are:

  • Hotel Nice International
  • Haqs Inn
  • Hotel Sukarna
  • Hotel Gulshan
  • Sukorna International
  • Hotel Mukta
  • Hotel Red Castle
  • Hotel Midway International
  • Hotel Dallas
  • Hotel Rajmahal
  • Hotel Prince
  • Hotel Gulshan
  • Galaxy International

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