Places to Visit in Maribo, Denmark, Europe

Places to Visit in Maribo, Denmark, Europe

Maribo is a town coming under the Lolland municipality on the Lolland Island in Denmark, is placed between latitude 54°46′ in the north and longitude 11°31′ in the east, situated about 105 km from Soro, 125 km from Roskilde and 140 km from Copenhagen.


Geography of Maribo:

Maribo is situated in the southern part of the country, surrounded by Northern Maribo Lake (Norreso) in the north and Southern Maribo Lake (Sonderso) in the south. Being a largest lake on Lolland, Sonderso is home to many small islands such as Borgo, Lindo, Asko, Worsaaes, Hesto, Præsto and Fruero.


History of Maribo:

The town of Maribo was originated with the establishment of cloister, ordered by Saint Birgitta in the 14th century. The cloister was resided by Leonora Christina Ulfeldt, who was the daughter of King Christian IV. Maribo Cathedral is the most famous historical landmark in Maribo.


Connectivity to Maribo:

Maribo is served by its own airport, called Lolland Falster Airport and operates domestic flights only. So the nearest major airport to Maribo is Copenhagen Airport which is the most important airport of Denmark and covers most of the major cities of Europe including London, Moscow and Berlin.

There are trains available in Copenhagen Airport, not directly to Maribo, tourists are needed to get down in Nykøbing Falster and then get in another train to Maribo. It totally takes around 2 hours.

Maribo is well connected by buses to neighboring towns such as Rodby Færgehavn, Sakskobing, Nykobing Falster, Bandholm, Knuthenborg and Kragenæs.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Maribo:

Maribo is home to many renowned churches, museums and theatres such as Maribo Open Air Museum, Maribo Cathedral, Stifts Museum and Hylddalen.

To purchase handicrafts and gift items, tourists can visit Madam Tina and for modern product shopping – Lollandscenteret.

The major food corners in Maribo are listed here below:

  • Restaurant Lysemose
  • Restaurant China House
  • Milano Cafe
  • Cafe Xanthos


Things to do in Maribo:

  • Play golf
  • Safari
  • Visiting museums and churches
  • Boating

Tourist Attractions in Maribo:

Maribo Cathedral:

Constructed in the 15th century in Gothic architecture style, Maribo Cathedral was initially devoted to the Virgin Mary and Saint Bridget of Vadstena. Amazing interior and must watch.


Bangs Have:

Bangs Have is a park located in the southwest of the railway station, within a kilometer away from the heart of Maribo town. It was founded in the 19th century and is currently home to Maribo Open Air Museum, Hylddalen and a camping site. No entrance fee.


Former City Hall:

The former city hall in Maribo is a well constructed structure dating back to 1856 and is now used to preserve local records of Maribo. It is located at Torvet.


Other places of interest in and around Maribo include:

  • Sonder Lake
  • Stifts Museum
  • Convent Ruin
  • Bagtorvet Area
  • Golfklubben Maribo So
  • Maribo-Bandholm Museum Train
  • NorregadeTeatret
  • Hylddalen
  • Knuthenborg Safari Park
  • Soholt Park
  • Engestofte Gods
  • Kronge Kirke
  • Skorringe Kirke
  • Svanevig Hojgruppe
  • Galleri Skovhuset
  • Museum Lolland Falster Stiftsmuseet


Ideal time to visit Maribo:

The months between May and September will be ideal to trip picturesque Maribo.


Accommodation options in Maribo:

Rates of hotel rooms in Maribo differ on the season and facilities provided by such hotels. Generally mid range hotels charge 500 DKK for double rooms. Camping is ideal for those who seek budget options. The major hotels in Maribo are listed here below:

  • Ebsens Hotel
  • Hotel Maribo Sopark
  • Maribo Bed and Breakfast
  • Birgitta Kloster
  • Femo Kro & Kursuscenter
  • B&B Skimminge
  • Byhuset Den Gamle Kapellangaard
  • Skibevejen v/Knuthenborg
  • Vaerelser i Maribo”s Gl. Bydel
  • Michaelsen B&B
  • Asko Gamle Skole
  • Skelstrupgaard Apartments
  • Maribo Vandrerhjem
  • Maribo So Camping

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