Places to Visit in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, India

Places to Visit in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, India

Mandla is situated in Mandla district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of river Narmada lying at an altitude of 1460 feet above sea level. Mandla has a literacy rate of 77% with Hindi being the main spoken language of the people living in Mandla. Mandla coordinates with 22.6’ degree North Latitude and 80.38’ degree East Longitude with Postal Code being 481661.

Mandla History:

Mandla was known as Mahishmati Nagari prior to 1500 A.D. Rani Durgavati who was ruling this place fought a valiant battle to defend her kingdom against Akbar. In the later part Rani Avanti Bai waged a battle against the British to protect the city from British invasion. In the year 1670, Mandla was made the capital city and was ceded to Mughal Emperor Akbar. In the year 1742, Mandla was attacked by Peshwa and last but not the least Mandla came under the rule of the British East India Company in the year 1818 at the conclusion of Third Anglo Maratha War.

Tourism in and around Mandla:

Mandla Fort:

The fort is situated on the banks of river Narmada and the front portion of the fort is provided with a protection by a trench. Currently only the ruins and some towers of the fort are only visible as many of the structures have been destroyed due to passage of time.

Kanha National Park:

Kanha National Park is known for Tiger Reserve and other endangered species of animals. The tourists can find Asiatic elephants, tigers, Indian Gaur, Bison, Sambar deer, leopards, Cheetah, wild dogs, stripped hyenas in this National Park. The Kanha National Park also has thick natural vegetation where many rare species of migratory birds including Siberian Crane migrate to Kanha National Park.

Bandhavgarh National Park:

This National Park is approx 176 kms away from Mandla famous for wildlife sanctuaries and forts.


Nagpur is also famous for oranges, lakes, gardens, temples, museums and wildlife sanctuaries which is approx 257 kms from Mandla.


Khajuraho is well known for heritage sites, temples, forts, museums and waterfalls situated 345 kms away from Mandla.

Best time to visit Mandla:

Mandla can be visited all round of the year except during the time of monsoons where the Kanha National Park will be closed for the public. At one point of time Mandla was known for its lush greenery and sublime climatic conditions, but off late due to deforestation, the area has been witnessing severe rise in temperature over last few years.

Connectivity to Mandla:

Mandla is well connected by road and rail modes of transport. National Highway 12A connects Mandla with Raipur, Jabalpur and Nagpur. Plenty of bus services are available from Mandla to Nagpur, Indore, Jabalpur and Raipur. The nearest railway station is Jabalpur Railway Station which is about 96 kms from Mandla where several long distance trains arrive and depart on regular basis.

Hotels in Mandla:

As many tourists come to Mandla to visit Kanha National Park, the department of tourism of Madhya Pradesh has built many hotels, resorts and guest houses to meet the accommodation demands. The tourists can select a hotel as per their choice and requirements which normally ranges from 1 star category to 5 star categories. List of some of the hotels and resorts located in and near Mandla are:

  • Hotel Ashoka
  • Hotel RK
  • Baghira Log Huts
  • Muba at Mukki Jungle Resorts
  • Hotel Paradise
  • Mridukishore Hotel & Resort
  • Kanha Village Eco Resort

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