Places to Visit in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland, Europe

Places to Visit in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland, Europe

Jakobstad or Pietarsaari (Finnish) is a town and municipality in the region of Ostrobothnia in Finland covering a total area of 396.25 square Kilometers.

The major landmarks in Jakobstad include:

  • Chicory Museum
  • Jakobstad City Hall
  • Jakobstad Museum
  • The Skolparken Botanical Garden


Geography of Jakobstad:

Jakobstad is geographically positioned between 63°40′ N latitude and 022°42′ E longitude, about 475 km north-northwest of the national capital, Helsinki.


History of Jakobstad:

Ebba Brahe (wife of the military commander Jacob De la Gardie) was the founder of Jakobstad, founded in 1652 and the literal meaning of the name of Jakobstad in the Swedish language is ‘Jacob’s Town’ or Jacob’s City. Jakobstad was one of the major trading centers in Finland during the 18th century.


Connectivity to Jakobstad:

Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport is serving with good air connectivity to Jakobstad and other neighboring cities and towns by by Flybe Nordic with scheduled flights to Helsinki. It is located around 30 km away from the centre of Jakobstad.

There are buses regularly available at the airport or tourists can take taxi for comfort journey.

Also the town of Jakobstad is available with many travel agencies that offer car or bike for rent on hour and day basis. It is advised for tourists to book vehicles prior to reach the town.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Jakobstad:

Football is a very popular sport in Jakobstad and also the town is home to many museums, theatres and churches. Jakobstad is the birth place of many renowned artists, poets and novelists including Johan Ludvig Runeberg and Joanna Linden.

There are shops plenty in Jakobstad and the major food corners in Jakobstad include:

  • Musikcafe After Eight
  • Asian Garden
  • Saigon Diner
  • Faboda cafe & kitchen


Things to do in Jakobstad:

  • Visiting parks, churches and museums
  • Shopping
  • Walking


Tourist Attractions in Jakobstad:

Jakobstad City Hall:

Jakobstad City Hall was initially constructed in 1875 and the current structure of the building dates back to 1890.


Jakobstad Museum:

Jakobstad Museum showcases on the ship building and maritime history of Jakobstad. It was built in 1904 and Malmska Garden is the major structure of the museum.


The botanical garden Skolparken:

Being an identity of Jakobstad, the botanical garden Skolparken is famous for its classical park architecture and is home to around 1,000 different plant species. The formation of the garden began in 1915 and was finished in 1932, funded by the Schauman family. The famous Finnish garden architect Bengt Schalin was the designer of the garden.


Other places of interest in and around Jakobstad include:

  • Galeas Jacobstads Wapen
  • The Arctic museum Nanoq
  • Chicorymuseum
  • Skata
  • Aspegrens Rosenlund
  • The Evangelical-Lutheran Church
  • K H Renlund Museum
  • Tankar Island
  • Natural History Collection Kieppi
  • Kaarlelan kotiseutumuseo
  • Bloomit Kokkola
  • Vanha kaupunki
  • Museum of History in Kokkola
  • The Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum
  • Old Wooden Town Kokkola


Ideal time to visit Jakobstad:

From June to September is the ideal time to travel Jakobstad to enjoy different outdoor activities and to visit historical sites.


Accommodation options in Jakobstad:

There are fewer well known hotels in Jakobstad, so, tourists can reach neighboring Kokkola town to enjoy better hospitality services. In below list, the first 5 accommodation centers in Jakobstad and the remaining options are in Kokkola (around 40 km):

  • Jugend Guest Home
  • Stadshotellet
  • Hotel Epoque
  • Westerlund’s Inn
  • Hotel Vega
  • Hostel Lilja
  • BEST WESTERN Hotel Kokkola
  • Finlandia Hotel Seurahuone
  • Hotelli Nukkumatti
  • Original Sokos Hotel Kaarle
  • Sokos Hotel Kaarle
  • Lomakyla Trullevi
  • Villa Juliaana
  • Picante Hostel
  • Jugend Home Hotel

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