Places to Visit in Gwadar, Pakistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Gwadar, Pakistan, Asia

Gwadar is a port city on the Arabian Sea coastline in Balochistan province in Pakistan, is the administrative headquarters of Gwadar District and the winter capital of Balochistan province. Gwadar is situated about 630 kms away from Karachi and about 1850 kms from the national capital Islamabad.


Geography of Gwadar:

Gwadar is located on the southwestern warm water Arabian Sea coastline between 25°07′35″ N latitude and °19′21″ E longitude and spans over an area of 12,637 sq. km.

Gwadar is located at an altitude of 300 meters and features dry, arid and hot climate. June is the hottest month and January is the coolest month in Gwadar.


Etymology of Gwadar:

Gwadar derives its name from 2 Balochi words “Gwat” means Air and “Dar” means Door.


Economy of Gwadar:

Gwadar is a port city and its economy is based on fishing and also the city houses the industries of textile, construction, building material and shipping.


Connectivity to Gwadar:

Gwadar is served by Gwadar International Airport located 14 kms away from the heart of the city with daily air services to Karachi, Muscat, Quetta and Turbat operated by Pakistan International Airlines.

There are regular buses plying between Gwadar and Karachi and one can board buses at Gwadar City Bus Terminal.

Car is available for rent at the car rental companies in Gwadar. Tourists can visit Gulf Motors for medium and large vans, 4 WD jeeps, double cabin trucks, 4 Wheel motor bikes and water scooters for a rent.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Gwadar:

Gwadar population covers the greater percentage of Makrani people. Liwa is the Arab dance and music is very popular among the regions of Gwadar.

Gwadar is one of the fastest developing port cities in Pakistan houses plenty of international food corners, shopping malls and multiplexes and other entertainment centres. Gwadar Bazar offers variety of traditional handicrafts products and daily usable items.

Bukhara Restaurant is a famous food corner in Gwadar city offers Barbecue. Tai Pan is a Chinese restaurant serves customers varieties of Chinese and Indian food. To take hot and tasty coffee one can visit Nadia Coffee shop.


Things to do in Gwadar:

There is spa facility available in the hotels of Pearl Continental Zaver. Tourists can swim at the beaches of Gwadar or in the swimming pool of PC Gwadar. Also tourist can do Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Boating, Desert Safari and Fishing.


Places to see near Gwadar:


Hingol National Park:

Hingol National Park is the largest national park in Pakistan which spans over an area of 1,650 km² is home to 65 species of amphibians and reptiles, 185 species of birds, 35 species of mammals and 250 plant species.


Kund Malir Beach:

Kund Malir Beach is one of the prime attractions in Gwadar placed about 145 km away from Makran Coastal Highway is situated in the vicinity of huge mountains near Hingol and tourists can enjoy desert safari.


Ormara Beach:

Ormara Beach is one of the must visit beaches in Gwadar.  Golden sand and blue water of the sea gives a great feel to the eyes of tourists. Ormara Beach Resort city is located in the border of the beach.


Other tourist attractions near Gwadar are:

  • Buzi Pass
  • Gwadar Port
  • West Bay Beach


Best time to visit Gwadar:

From November to March is the ideal time to visit Gwadar.


Accommodation Options in Gwadar:

The major hotels of Gwadar offers the facilities of air ticket booking, pick up and drop to airport, cable TV, swimming pool, tennis court, fitness centre, variety of Western and Asian countries food. The best hotels in Gwadar are:

  • Pearl Continental Hotel
  • PC Gwadar
  • Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel
  • Sadaf Hotel
  • Sahel Hotel
  • Aaskani Hotel
  • New Quetta Sharjah Hotel
  • Bismillah Hotel
  • Islamabad Hotel
  • New Quetta Syed Babi Agha Hotel
  • Hotel Marjjan
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