Padinharekara Beach – Kerala, India

Padinharekara Beach – Kerala, India

Padinharekara Beach Goa

Padinharekara Beach is one of the famous beaches of Kerala and is commonly called as virgin territory that enjoys the best climate throughout the year. The most attractive part of the beach is the serene beauty of nature. You can also visit the place where you can find the Tirur Puzha the Arabian Sea and Bharathapuzha getting together. The soft shimmery sand and the palm trees aligned at the shore make for a perfect place to relax while admiring the natural beauty at its best. It is a perfect place to get engaged in various rejuvenating activities like Ayurvedic massages and the spa bath facilities that are widely available along the beach side. The beach is renowned for its views of the River Bharathapuzha and the River Tirurpuzha before entering the Arabian Sea. The beach has palm trees and soft white sand and attracts tourists in large numbers. The Padinharekara Beach has stretches of clear white sands bordered by rows of elegant palm trees. If you are on a trip to Kerala you must avail of the opportunity and visit the Padinharekara Beach. Padinharekara Beach has a unique charm with its endless miles of white sands and sun kissed palm trees.

Padinharekara Beach Goa

Things to do in Padinharekara Beach:

You can find a huge crowd at his beach all through the year. It is an unusual beach that is marked with lagoons and rocks. A relaxing view of the endless blue waters surrounded by the palm trees. Enjoy a walk along the beach with your beloved ones and experience the most romantic moment. This is an ideal destination for people who want to spend their vacation with family and friends away from the buzz of the city life. Take part in the various water sports and enjoy the refreshing spa treatment. Enjoy the local dishes that are offered in the small stalls in the beachfront.

Padinharekara Beach Goa

Attractions in and around Padinharekara Beach:

The most attractive part of the beach is the scenic view of the sea. Visit the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary where you can find a variety of breeds that fly with full joy and give a fantastic view. Please don’t miss the following places:

  • Kodikuthi Mala
  • Mamburam
  • Thirunavaya
  • Thirumandhamkunnu temple
  • Thali temple
  • Vallikunnu Beach
  • Adyanpara
  • Tanur
  • Kadampuzha

Ideal time to visit Padinharekara Beach:

 No particular time to visit this beach but its safe if you come during November and March.

Where to stay in Padinharekara Beach: 

Padinharekara Beach Goa

You can all kinds of hotels from the low budget to the luxurious ones. Nearby to this beach is the Malappuram beach that offers with 5 star hotels. Hotels here are well furnished that comfort all your needs. You are provided with television and en-suite bathroom and also in house restaurants. Some of the popular hotels at this place:

  • New Star Hotel
  • Meghe Hotel
  • Kodeeri Natural Camp

Getting to Padinharekara Beach:

All the means of transportation is available here. The Calicut International airport in Karipur is just 20 kms away from the beach. Malappuram district holds the nearest railway station and is connected to all the major cities of the state. Roads of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are interlinked. Enjoy your vacation with family and friends at this beach.

How to Reach?

  • Nearest railway Station: Kuttipuram, about 24 km
  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport, about 53 km

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