Malang Tourist Places to Visit in Malang, Indonesia, Asia

Malang Tourist Places to Visit in Malang, Indonesia, Asia

Malang is a city in East Java Province and Indonesia and the second biggest city in the province which covers an area of 252.136 sq Kms. Malang city was established in 760 AD and was ruled by Mataram Kingdom and was later captured by the Dutch, under the Dutch rule Malang flourished and was the famous sport of Dutch, as this region was cooler and bounded by natural scenery.

Malang is bordered by Pasuruan Regency, Lumajang Regency, Batu City, Lawang, Blitar, Gondanglegi, Dampit and Pare and Malang is located at the distance of 870 Kms from capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. Zip code of Malang is 65111 and coordinates are 7.9756° S, 112.6294° E.


Tourism in Malang:

Malang is one of the major tourism attractions in East Java and this city is surrounded by natural beauty, mountains and monuments. There are various tourist packages available to this city and it is the historical city as well. Populace of this region follow Muslim, Catholics, Hinduism, and Buddhists culture and they speak Javanese language and traditional dance is famous in this city like Tari Topeng (Mask Dance), Jaran Pegon, Tari Beskalan (Beskalan Dance), etc. Manado

Places to visit in Malang:

Balekambang Beach:

This beach is situated at the distance of 50 Kms from centre of the city and one of the beautiful beaches in Malang and tourists can visit this beach throughout the year and during the weekends this beach will be occupied by the local tourists.

Ijen Boulevard:

It is one of the charming streets in Malang and this has various colonial structures and various buildings are located along the street like museum, church, city library and various historical buildings.


Padepokan Seni Mangun Dharma:

This is a auditorium, where populace of this region promote and perform the East Java art forms like dance, batik, shadow puppetry and various other activities and one of the must visit places in Malang.


Singosari Temple:

This is one of the Hindu temples located in the city was constructed in the 1300 AD, before the invasion of Islam. Tourists can find wonderful statues in the temple and there is pool inside the temple.


Things to do in Malang:

  • Ngliyep
  • Sendang Biru
  • Taman Rekreasi Senaputra
  • Purwodadi Botanical Gardens
  • Taman Rekreasi Senaputra
  • Brawijaya Military Museum


Best time to visit Malang:

Malang is one of the best places to visit in Malang and weather in Malang is moderate but the best time to visit Malang is between the months of May to October.


How to Reach Malang?

By Air:

Malang is served by Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport located at the distance of 18 Kms from centre of the province and this airport operates only domestic flights to cities like Jakarta, Soekarno, Hatta and Denpasar. Tourists can avail international flights from Jakarta Airport.


By Train:

Malang is served by Stasiun Station located few kms away from centre of the city and connects to various cities and towns in Java Island.


By Road:

There are number of options to tourist visit the province like bus, train, taxis and car, which ply frequently.


Hotels in Malang:

Malang is famous for its moderate climate and natural beauty. Hotels in Malang are for all the kind of tourists and these hotels may cost from 10 $ to 450 $ and above per night and offers all the major facilities to tourists. Some of the major hotels in Malang are listed here below:

  • Hotel Santika Premiere Malang
  • The Grand Palace Hotel
  • D’Fresh Guesthouse
  • Hotel Wisata Tidar
  • Graha Cakra Malang
  • Hotel Kartika Graha
  • Regent’s Park Hotel
  • Gajahmada Graha
  • Hotel Griyadi Montana Malang
  • The Singhasari Resort Batu
  • Savana Hotel & Convention

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