Lobamba Tourist Places Lobamba, Swaziland, South Africa, Africa

Lobamba Tourist Places Lobamba, Swaziland, South Africa, Africa

Lobamba is the royal and legislative capital of the southeastern African country, Swaziland. It is also known as the traditional, spiritual capital and the seat of the country’s parliament and is also home to the house of the Queen Mother, Ntombi. Lobamba is also the site of the Incwala ceremonies and Reed Dancees, which witness the participation of the King and Queen Mother of the country. Lobamba itself is one of the top tourist destinations of Swaziland with numerous natural sites and cultural houses like the National Museum of Swaziland, King Sobhuza II Memorial Park, Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and Somhlolo Stadium. Lobamba is geographically positioned between 26°25′0″ S latitude and 31°10′0″ E longitude.


History of Lobamba:

Lobamba was believed to be originally founded in 1750 that is now called ‘Old Lobamba’. Including Lobamba, the entire Swaziland fell under the British rule in 1903 after the Boer Wars. The country became independent on September 6, 1968 with the effective independence movement, led by Sobhuza II, who was the King of Swaziland for 82 years.


How to reach Lobamba?

Like most parts of the country, Lobamba is served by Matsapha Airport with scheduled flights from Johannesburg in South Africa, served by Airlink and Swaziland Airlink. The airport is situated around 25 km away from the midpoint of Lobamba. There are taxis and rental cars gettable at the airport and visitors can also wait until the arrival of minibuses for inexpensive travel. To move within Lobamba, minibuses and rental cars and bikes are the convenient options.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Lobamba:

Lobamba is the cultural capital of Swaziland, home to two grand national events the Reed Dance (August and September) and the Incwala (December and January).

Ezulwini Handicrafts Centre is very much famous for traditional shopping in Lobamba. Some nice food corners in Lobamba include:

  • Bella Vista Restaurant
  • Valley Blues Bar
  • Quatermain’s Pub & Restaurant
  • Quartermain’s Pub & Restaurant


Things to do in Lobamba:

  • Horseback riding
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Walking


What to see in Lobamba?


National Museum of Swaziland:

Constructed in 1972, the National Museum of Swaziland is situated in the vicinity of the Parliament building of Swaziland. It was first established in 1972 and expanded two times in 1986 and 1990. The highlights of the museum include a memorial dedicated to King Sobhuza II and different South African and Swazi artworks and artifacts.


King Sobhuza II Memorial Park:

The King Sobhuza II Memorial Park was founded in the memorial of the former king and influential leader of the country, King Sobhuza II. Kings’ photographs, his vintage cars and mausoleum should be seen.


Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide range of animals, including antelope, giraffe, zebras and offers different outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, camping and horseback riding. The sanctuary is just outside Lobamba city.


Somhlolo stadium:

The Somhlolo Stadium is one of the landmark sites in Lobamba, situated in the vicinity of the Parliament building. It is a multipurpose stadium, mainly used for football matches and other cultural events.


Malkern Valley:

Situated around 8 kilometers south of the heart of Lobamba, the Malkern Valley is a cultural centre, known for arts and crafts houses.


Other places of interest in and around Lobamba include:

  • Grace Christian Fellowship International Church
  • Royal Swazi Sun Hotel
  • Ezulwini Handicrafts Centre
  • Yebo Art Gallery
  • Mkhaya Game Reserve
  • Somhlolo National Stadium
  • Hlane Royal National Park
  • Mbuluzi Game Reserve
  • Hawane Nature Reserve
  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Blue Lagoon Leisure Park
  • Chubeka Trails
  • Swazi Candle


When to visit Lobamba?

Lobamba can be visited throughout the year, though the tour of Lobamba can be experienced best between June and August.


Where to stay in Lobamba?

Lobamba is home to many upgraded hotels with the blend of modernized and traditional facilities and services, served visitors with lot of love and care. Other than amenities, visitors can also enjoy mouthwatering dishes in such hotels. The prominent hotels in and around Lobamba include:

  • Mvubu Falls
  • Happy Valley Hotel & Casino
  • The Royal Villas
  • Royal Swazi Spa
  • Mantenga Lodge
  • Lugogo Sun
  • Buhleni Farm Chalets
  • Timbali Lodge
  • Ezulwini Sun
  • Buhleni Farm Chalets
  • Lidwala Backpacker Lodge

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