Hiroshima Tourist Places to Visit in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima Tourist Places to Visit in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima is a major city located in Chugoku Region of western Honshu covering a total area of 905.01 sq kms. Hiroshima is divided into 8 wards and is well known for its world class infrastructure services, hotels, universities, schools, hospitals and climate. Hiroshima coordinates with 34.23’7” degree North Latitude and 132.27’19” degree East Longitude.


Hiroshima History:

Hiroshima was under the rule of Sengoku Period when the city was initially founded by warlord Mori Terumoto in the year 1589. Terumoto built a castle and moved to this place in the year 1593. During the later centuries Hiroshima was in the hands of Tokugawa Era ruled by Asano rulers in 1619 A.D. During the Imperial Period i.e. in the late 19th century, many industrial developments happened to take place around this century, where new industrial plants were being setup including cotton mills in Hiroshima. During the Second World War, Hiroshima came under severe atomic bombing by US Airforce which had devastated the city to ashes killing thousands of civilians.


Tourist attractions in Hiroshima:

Some of the major tourist attractions situated in Hiroshima are listed here below.

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Atomic Bomb Dome
  • MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima
  • Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
  • Children’s Peace Monument
  • Hiroshima Museum of Art
  • Shukkei-en Garden
  • Asa Zoo
  • Peace Bell
  • Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
  • Mitaki Temple
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Hiroshima Ebiyama Weather Museum
  • Hiroshima Botanical Park
  • Hiroshima Children’s Museum
  • Hijiyama Park
  • Shirakami_Shrine
  • Fudoin Temple
  • Gates of Peace
  • Hiroshima City Transportation Museum
  • Hiroshimagokoku Shrine
  • Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art


Culture and Cuisine in Hiroshima:

Hiroshima is very rich in its culture and tradition. The city is famous for many Buddhist shrines, temples, historical monuments, and structures and rich in cultural diversity. Festivals like Hiroshima Flower Festival and Hiroshima International Animation Festival show the rich taste of culture and tradition maintained by the people of this city. Tourists visiting Hiroshima should not miss the Japanese cuisine especially okonomiyaki which is prepared using many ingredients like cabbage, bean sprouts, fried bacon/pork, noodles topped with layer of eggs and dollop of sauce.


Hiroshima Economy:

Hiroshima is very well known for its automobile manufacturing industries and heavy manufacturing industries. The city manufacturers some of the best leading cars like Honda and Mazda and exports the same to outside countries which forms a major source of revenue to the Government.


Accessibility to Hiroshima in Japan:

Hiroshima is well connected by all modes of transport like road, rail, air and sea. The city is well linked by local mode of transport like intercity buses and trams. Regular train services are available from Hiroshima to different important metro cities. Ferry services are also operated from Hiroshima port to many important port cities located in Japan. Hiroshima is well linked by airways as several international airlines operate from Hiroshima Airport to Tokyo, Sapporo, Okinawa and Sendai.


Accommodations in Hiroshima:

Hiroshima provides some of the finest hotel accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the place from time to time. Hotels in Hiroshima range from 1 star to 7 star and provide world class living amenities for the convenience and comfort of the tourists and the tariffs vary from hotel to hotel. Customers can select a hotel of their choice, requirements and budget and book a hotel well in advance prior to visiting the place. List of hotels located in Hiroshima are:

  • Hotel Sheraton
  • Hotel Active Hiroshima
  • ANA Crowne Plaza Hiroshima
  • Hotel Granvia Hiroshima
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hiroshima
  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Hiroshima
  • Hotel Urbain Hiroshima Executive
  • Hotel Aster Plaza International
  • Hotel Oriental Hiroshima
  • Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

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